My Week(168) in iPhone Photos

This week is late and missing photos, but a last minute trip to Ohio for a funeral will do that. The kids really enjoyed seeing their cousins for the first time in a long time and it was great to meet my THREE new baby nephews, but the drive there and the drive back (in the snowstorm) was rough on everyone. Especially poor E, who drove for 12.5 hours straight since I was too nauseous to drive in the morning and too freaked out by the weather to drive in the afternoon. But I am super glad the Navy granted him emergency leave so we could all say goodbye to his Grandma Davis in person.



New baby props for a newborn shoot

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Oh hello crazy awesome abandoned mill I really really want to take pictures of for real

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I call this: Pregnancy Cravings


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Helping me clean her room

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Old dog, 3 year old girl

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Both kids passed out at 5 pm. No idea what happened.


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Not rain nor snow nor sleet shall keep the gingers from waiting for the bus outside

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Thanks to a couple friends and a few (too many) trips to Wendy’s we have an awesome collection of these now. Evan made an Air Force.

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Bedtime for gingers


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Nor fog. I forgot fog before.

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Presents for myself, thanks to a MinuteClinic Christmas card. Love them. (That mascara is amazing, thanks to Laura for the suggestion.)

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Second swim lesson: GOOGLES



V. excited for school


Show off.



Endless driving.


Apple face



Enjoying some “cold chocolate” after sledding


Hand & Foot


The Marble Game. We were trying to fit as much Midwest into our visit a possible.

I can’t believe it’s already almost Wednesday. We’re getting hammered with snow right now and I doubt anyone is going to school tomorrow. I’m supposed to have an OB appointment and the kids are supposed to have swimming but that’s all sort of questionable too. Not that I mind a day off to recover from being out of town, although I doubt anything useful like unpacking or cleaning will get done. Probably just napping.

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2 Responses to “My Week(168) in iPhone Photos”

  1. michelleJ says:

    Sorry to hear of the loss in the family. Glad you all had safe travels. I’ve been waiting for this post (aka, you’ve been missed!)

  2. Amy says:

    That teeny tiny hat is adorable! I am jealous of your midwestern card playing, but obviously wish it had been a happier reason for a gathering.

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