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In college I drank so much water I used to plan my classes around bathroom locations. I carried an ugly reusable water bottle I got for free from a credit card company and I had to remind myself CONSTANTLY to keep drinking. It was never easy, never automatic and I never learned to like water. But I was also really thin and my skin looked really good.

Since then I’ve gone from drinking at least 100 oz a day to drinking almost none. It’s terrible, and not just in a “oh yeah, I should probably remember to drink more water” way, but in a “sick in the hospital for days plus two surgical procedures to deal with kidney stones which MIGHT have been prevented if I just drank more water” sort of way. On https://customwater.com/ you can easily find a place where you can order as much bottle water as you need.

But I have FINALLY found the key to drinking water: STRAW CUP.

drink more water reusable straw cup

There is just something about drinking from a straw that makes water more appealing. It’s easy to throw in some lemon or cucumber slices. I can sip it while keeping an eye on whatever is going on around me – the kid, the road, the TV, the Twitters – and it’s sort of a mindless action. It’s why I drink a can of soda happily with lunch, but if I get a fountain drink I need the super hugemongeous size or it’s gone in 90 seconds. Even though I STILL don’t really like water, I’m drinking at least 5 of these cups a day.

That pink one above is from Target’s seasonal section, $5.99. It’s got some sort of freezable insulated layer in it, so you can keep your water cold while carrying it around all day. I’ve also seen them in dishes section at Target for $9.99 (still cheaper than only drinking bottled water) but the best deal I’ve found is this one:

orange straw cup drink more water

True fact: I actually had four Creamcicle Oreos but I hid 2 for the picture because it seemed like too many.

That cup is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. I got it at JoAnn’s Fabric, where it was priced at $5.99 but I used a 50% off coupon (They have a free coupon app for iPhone, you can sign up online for the mailers or just walk into the store – usually there is a rack in the front with the circular which has the coupons on the back) so it ended up being $2.99. I needed the second one because someone had commandeered my pink cup.

Turns out EVERYONE drinks more water from a straw.

I made myself a rule that ONLY water goes in the cups – because otherwise I’m sucking down 60 oz of sweet tea without even noticing – but I can still drink Diet Coke or lemonade or whatever from cans or regular cups. But really, I’m so full of water I’m barely drinking anything else.

It’s a really simple idea but one I wish someone had suggested to me ages ago. But now YOU know! So go! Find a straw cup! Be healthy!

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18 Responses to “Drink More Water”

  1. Amanda says:

    My favorite cups! We have a ridiculous collection of them at this point. Walmart always has really cute ones for less than $5 too. as a year end gift for Madison’s teacher I packed up a cup, a package of instant Starbucks iced coffee and single packages of Crystal Light- she loved it!

    • bebehblog says:

      Aw, what a cute gift! I realized today one of the other reasons I drink more from these cup is because they’re NOT leak-proof, like a water bottle, so I can’t toss them in my purse and forget about them. It’s always RIGHT THERE in front of me.

  2. Lindsay N. says:

    FACT: I drink more water from a reusable cup w/a straw – simply because the cup(s) I own are cute. Mind over matter, it totally works!!

  3. Jeni says:

    Yes! I am still mourning the loss of my favorite straw cup which I got at the hospital when I had my first little. HUGE cup, and the best way to drink water. It finally died after five years, go figure.

  4. Is the straw firm plastic or bendy like the cheap restaurant ones? We have discovered that Elena drinks well from straws that she can not easily collapse and chew on. All I drink is water and juice but lately I havent been drinking enough (kinda like eating). A new cup that required zero effort in my crazy days would help. I am a straw addict.

    • bebehblog says:

      They’re hard, not bendy. The kids chew on them a LITTLE but not hard enough to dent them. I’m much happier to share these than to share a water bottle or my fast-food straw cup.

  5. Brigid Keely says:

    I have a rule that only water goes in straw cups because otherwise the straw gets gunked up and disgusting. We have a bunch of sports bottles with silicone mouthpieces on the straws, which help prevent spills. Niko has commandeered every. single. one. of them.

  6. Jessica says:

    I love these cups, I found mine on Amazon because we have nowhere cool to shop around here. My daughter (almost 2) is always stealing mine, and my husband too even though I specifically bought pink so he wouldn’t. They are a great reminder for myself to always have it near by to drink as much water as possible!

  7. Emily says:

    You know… I notice I drink more water from my straw cup than when I use a water bottle… but I only have one straw cup. I think you may just be a genius to have multiple straw cups so you can use one when the other’s in the wash. So simple, yet soooo not something I’ve thought about.

  8. I’ve used that tip for years!! Totally drink more water with a straw. Maybe it’s cause you don’t have to taste it as much. ;)

  9. Alena says:

    Um, BLOGHER SWAG WAS ALL ABOUT THE STRAW CUP. I am going to be all sorts of disappointed if I don’t leave NYC with at least 5. Word, yo.

  10. Meagan says:

    Oh yes I love these cups! I have my iced coffee in the morning and then refill it with water and ice and that’s my drink for the day. Genius I tell you!

  11. I’m sitting here drinking my water through a straw cup from Target as I read this. When I was pregnant last summer I had to drink like 1000oz of water or else I would end up with crazy contractions (and not in a good way, in like an early labor way) so I got really creative with it. But after my daughter was born I just stopped. So dumb. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to find ways to force water into herself!

  12. I’m sitting here reading this as I drink water from a straw cup from Target. Last summer when I was pregnant I had to drink like 1000oz of water or else I would get crazy contractions (not good crazy, bad crazy like early labor crazy) so I got creative with water. After I had my daughter I just stopped. So dumb. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to force water into herself.

  13. stephanie says:

    Why didn’t I think of that? I put my Diet Coke in one all the time. I am still trying to pump op my water intake. I’m headed to Target tomorrow for some cute ones!

  14. Amy says:

    I’ve never owned a straw cup like that. I drink out of a regular glass that I keep on the kitchen counter and try and drink 1/3 to 1/2 of it every time I walk by. I like your method better – plus I get to buy things.

  15. Audrey says:

    Ha! I have that exact JoAnn’s cup. I got a pink one a few months ago and Chris started sniping it so I got him a brown one..then I got him the coffee cup version. I use it at the Zoo because I can refill at water stations and the kids won’t spill it on themselves. AWESOME.

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