Daddy Time

I think E has adjusted to life with baby pretty well – although to tell you the truth, it hasn’t really affected his favorite activities. He’s just added Baby Evan.

Eating…with baby
Evan & Baby 4
Watching tv…with baby
Evan & Baby 5

Napping…with baby
Evan & Baby 2

Playing Rockband…with baby
Evan & Baby 1

And of course, fighting internet dragons (aka World of Warcraft)…with baby
Evan & Baby 3

6 Responses to “Daddy Time”

  1. erniebufflo says:

    Baby Rock Band may be the best thing I’ve ever seen. My hubby will be so excited to hear he can wear the baby and still rock out.

  2. Rock Band and baby cracked me up. This post is awesome. Multitasking, FTW.

  3. Aw! There are definitely pictures of my infancy where I’m passed out on my dad’s stomach with a soda can perched on my back.

  4. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    This is such a cute bunch of pictures :) It’s like Daddy Evan is teaching Baby Evan exactly what it means to be Evan Davis. (I think he gets a lot bigger ever time you post new pictures though.)

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