Amazing Holiday Toy Prize Package Giveaway From Tollytots!

Today is Black Friday, which means a lot of people (maybe even you? perhaps checking the interwebs while standing in a looooong line?) are out right now fighting through crazy crowds hoping to save some money on their holiday gifts. Budgets are always tight this time of year and getting a good deal could be the difference between the naughty list and the nice list.

How would you like to make your kid’s Christmas or Hanukkah (or Kwanza or Festivus or December birthday) totally fantastic without the crowds and lines? Do you have a kid that likes princesses? Or princes? How about music? Cars? All of the above? My kids definitely fall into the “all of the above” category, so I’m a little disappointed I can’t win this prize myself but SO HAPPY one of you will.

I am tickled pink that I get to share some of the fantastic Tollytots toys my kids enjoyed so much with one lucky reader (and their lucky kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews/neighbor’s kids/whoever would love these toys) just in time for the holidays.

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The Prize Package Includes… 
Amazing, right? To make things as easy as possible for everyone, I set up a Rafflecopter widget for entries. Don’t be scared if you’re never used it before, it’s really easy. Just follow the directions in the box below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck friends!!

Tollytots is providing the above prize package to one winner. No compensation was received in exchange for this post, unless you count lots of very nice emails from their amazing PR rep.

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72 Responses to “Amazing Holiday Toy Prize Package Giveaway From Tollytots!”

  1. barbra says:

    My son Knox would get this prize! He has been through a lot recently.

  2. kodi says:

    My boys Manning & Deacon…I’d also give some to Toys for Tots since I’m only a few presents short of my “3 per kid” allotment for my own kids. :)

  3. Jayme says:

    This would be great to split between my girl and her cousins!

  4. Kelly says:

    This would be great to split between my two sons (3 days and 3 years) and my neice (3 years) for Christmas!

  5. This would get split between my kiddo, niece, and nephew!

  6. Jennie says:

    Great for the beebees born this year

  7. The holidays are tight for us this year, so these would be split among the 7 children we have to buy for each year!

  8. straderspiel says:

    I would split this between my three kiddos.

  9. Audrey says:

    Oh my god, I wouldn’t have to worry about the kid’s Christmas presents. Fingers crossed!

  10. Erin says:

    I think I would have to share this between Reid and maybe the angel tree since we only have one kiddo and this is alot of stuff! I couldn’t NOT enter though!!! :)

  11. Leah says:

    Along with my own two, I’ve got four nieces and nephews that would LOVE these. One is especially Princess crazy. She wants to marry Flynn Rider when she grows up.

  12. Rochel S says:

    It would be for my son and daughter!!

  13. Tara says:

    This would be perfect for the many nieces and nephews (not to mention my own girls) that we are getting gifts for this year!

  14. Amy says:

    I would give them to my kid and probably donate some since it is such a generous prize.

  15. Candee says:

    I would have to give Flynn to my daughter because she’s always talking about the princesses and their “one true loves” but the rest would be shared with all of my nieces and nephews all around the country! There’s going to be 10 by the time Christmas gets here! ♥ our growing family!

  16. Megan says:

    Yes please! We are also all of the above-ers. (And have younger cousins to share with.) Happy black friday! Hope you got the deal of your dreams, or are still having dreams of turkey and pumpkin pie. Either way, you win!

  17. Robin says:

    My daughters Savannah and Arabella

  18. Michelle says:

    My kiddos would probably love free toys just as much as I do!!

  19. Cynthia Frasse says:

    My seven great nieces and nephews would share this prize package. The range in age from 4-8 and would be thrilled to have these toys this Christmas!!

  20. Alena says:

    Sophia and Holden would be OVERJOYED to get this!! Like a brain explosion!

  21. Amanda says:

    I’m sure my girls would go crazy over the baby dolls but I would gift a few things to my niece and donate some too!

  22. Ana says:

    My almost 2 year old son would be thrilled! and it might make up for his other Christmas gift- a new baby brother. and I love that some of the other posters would donate- great idea!

  23. Meghan Finley says:

    the girls would get them and maybe share some with their cousins

  24. Rachel W says:

    These would be for my daughter who LOVES Disney princesses!

  25. Meredith H says:

    These would get split up between my kids and a family at our preschool who are having a rough time and need some help with Christmas this year.

  26. Lindsey says:

    I’d split them between my son, my godson, and my niece.

  27. Lisa says:

    I would split them between my daughter, my niece and my nephew.

  28. KH says:

    I will share this with my nieces, my own 3 girls and son

  29. Brandy says:

    Lando and maybe his BFF Josh!

  30. Kristin says:

    My kids (age 4, 2, & 9 mos) would love this!!!

  31. Katrina says:

    Well, these would make great gifts for my 2 little princesses! And anything not age-appropriate will make great gifts for my friends & family with little ones! What a great giveaway, Suzanne!

  32. DBW says:

    My two kids would love all of these toys! And Santa would appreciate the help!

  33. Shelley J says:

    This would be AWESOME for both my babes!

  34. Alisha D says:

    I would split this between my sons & my friend’s daughter. :)

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  35. Audra Weathers says:

    This would be for my little girl; she would love the First Disney Princess items!

  36. So many great toys!! Admittedly, we don’t need much of these around here, but they would be amazing gifts for some kiddos we know who are in need this holiday season.

  37. Upstatemamma says:

    Those are some pretty awesome toys!! I have a little girl who would love a few of them and I think I know exactly who I would give the rest to. :)

  38. Kim says:

    This would be a great way to get some special gifts for my son and daughter and their 6 cousins! Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. Shannon says:

    Oh my goodness what an amazing package!!! I have three little ladies (6, 3 and 1) who would all love this. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  40. Kerri says:

    We would split these between our 4 children and 2 nieces. Great toys!

  41. i would pick the rubiks cube for my sons :)

  42. Aimee Marie says:

    I’d split this between my daughter & a few of her cousins & friends

  43. Joanna says:

    I’d like to say my kids would share, but we all know that is a big fat lie.

  44. Kimberly says:

    This would be for my daughter!!!

  45. Jessica says:

    These would be for my 9 month old daughter to share with her cousin who is 2 days older than her. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. My kiddos Kenley and Brayden, and then I would gift some of it to my BFF and her little boy!

  47. Katie g says:

    My two girls would be beyond excited to win this giveaway!

  48. Katie g says:

    Both of my daughters would be ecstatic to win!

  49. Stephanie says:

    I found this contest when I was looking for toys for a Haiti Mission Trip, so I would use these toys to Bless some boys and girls this Christmas.

  50. Kim K says:

    I would give my girls some and donate the rest to toys for tots or a local toy drive for hurricane sandy kids! { we live in NJ }

  51. Kristi says:

    I definitely know of some nieces/nephews who would enjoy sharing this :) Plus it would be good to have some toys at my place in case they come visit ;);)

  52. katie Gibson-Stofflet says:

    Boy this would be a great package to start a chest for my grandkids….

  53. Kimberly says:

    JD and O’s Christmas will be 100% supplied by Tollytots if I win! Haha

  54. Kris B says:

    My son and daughter

  55. Jess says:

    Since I have 5 kids I’d split it between them!

  56. Laura Miller says:

    This would be split between my 15month old, Ivy, and my 4 yr old, Ava! They would love it, what a great prize!

  57. Susan says:

    i love tollytot toys

  58. Jan says:

    It would be my nieces and my one great niece :)

  59. Melissa says:

    wow awesome prize pack.
    my little girls love Tangled the finn doll is so cute. :)
    thanks for the chance.

  60. Jessica libby says:

    I have a 2 year old daughter and a 5 year old son so they would be the lucky ones

  61. melissa says:

    my daughter and son-what a great start to holiday gifts!

  62. Marjorie says:

    My nieces and nephews! What a great prize pack!

  63. Antoinette says:

    My two children. A 4 year old boy and a 17 month old girl. Thank you for the opportunity!

  64. Heather says:

    My daughter would love to have Santa bring her a prince for her princesses.

  65. Brande says:

    My Daughter would just love all these things!

  66. Becky says:

    My 4 year old son and 3 year old daughter would love to share these great gifts with their 3 cousins!!!!

  67. Carolyn says:

    My 3 year old and 10 month old munchkins would love these goodies!

  68. betty wojnar says:

    my 2 year old and 4 year old boys!

  69. Eileen says:

    For Bronwyn! She’s almost 3 eek!

  70. wow, that’s a lot. definitely have to split it up between the kiddos. and friend’s kids!

  71. Fionnuala says:

    So excited to win! I know a tot and a baby friend who will be thrilled.

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