Steppin’ Out {6}

This edition of Steppin’ Out could also be called “All we did on Saturday was drive around and look at the price of rocks but Suzanne got a remote for her camera and also a new shirt so she took pictures anyways.”

But that’s not quite as catchy.

On Mama:

Headband – Allora Handmade
Black tank – H&M
Flowered shirt – Target
Jeans – Target
Sunglasses – The Dollar Store

Tell me the truth, the shirt’s pretty ugly, right? I think the pattern came right off my grandmother’s couch. Not even the good living room couch – the lumpy basement couch. Target also had it in blue, which was definitely less couchy, but I own TONS of blue and thought this would be a nice change. I think I was wrong.

On Caroline:

Cardigan & Dress – Old Navy
Amber teething necklace – Local (out of business) baby store

That sponsored post I did for Old Navy this week was to promote their 30% off baby & toddler sale (plus the 15% off coupon!). So of course when we were at the mall Friday for Stroller Strides I went to check it out. Both kids now have a few new things for summer. I’m such a sucker for a sale.

Little Evan was also adorable at some point, but peed through his diaper during nap and then…his father dressed him. Let’s just say he would have fit right in at Bayview with Zack and the gang – tapered jeans, popped color and all. I did not take a picture.

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11 Responses to “Steppin’ Out {6}”

  1. Sarah-Anne says:

    love you & your girl! both of you are too cute. :)

  2. Londonmum says:

    I really like that shirt. Not at all sofa like and I quite fancy one myself. If only we had Target here. I always have a look when we are over in the US. Of course, Caroline looks adorable too x

  3. Maybe I’m weird, but I like your top. Love the photo of you with the glasses half on. Caroline’s precious too!

  4. FourInchHeels says:

    I really like the shirt! I can see why you’d be on the fence, but when I saw the first picture my thought was “oh! cute shirt!” and then I got down to Caroline’s face and laughed .. that girl makes the best faces, I hope it doesn’t stop as she gets older :)

  5. Jill says:

    You look beautiful!

  6. Cole says:

    Love the shirt – and I love your model-y pics. You look so cute!

  7. Krista says:

    You’re so adorable, I hate you a little. but just a little.

  8. i actually really like the shirt! well, it might look kinda frumpy if 1) the cut weren’t flattering (which it is) or 2) it didn’t include a punch of color brought on by your cute headband (which it does!) i say, outfit WIN!

    also, camera remote WHAAAAAAT??! i need that device. yes, NEED.

    always love seeing new pictures of you pretty girls! caroline is getting so big! squeeeee!


  9. kodi says:

    I really love your shirt. I wish you would have taken one standing up because now I want that shirt, but I wonder if it’s too short/tightish for me. Anyway, you look totally adorable and I’m glad you went with red.

    • bebehblog says:

      I failed at taking at standing up ones that didn’t make me look like a moron. I always try to stand in a “slimming” way and end up looking pigeon-toed and dorky. But I can assure you the shirt is not short or tight. It actually came with a piece of fabric meant to be used as a belt to cinch the bagginess in but it looked AWFUL on me. They’re on clearance at Target now – you should totally go check it out!

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