Piggies and sheepies and cows, oh my!

For part 2 of the Great Family Vacation of 2010, we’re visiting my folks in Northern Virgina. It’s sort of like the opposite of Ohio – absolutely no extended family but a zillion options for entertaining ourselves. We are (probably (very)(very) foolishly) going to attempt the zoo and maybe a few museums on Saturday but this morning we went in a much more rural direction. Literally. It’s sort of surprising how quickly you can reach farmland from the ‘burbs around here – just drive west for a few minutes.

We visited Frying Pan Farm Park, clearly a popular destination for school trips, possibly due to the fact that it was free. Dear Residents of Fairfax Country, Thanks for paying for all that hay and chicken feed with your taxes. My kid had fun. xoxo Suzanne.

I put my sister in charge of the camera, which is why this is such a nice shot. My pics were all of chicken butts.

Baby Evan was surprisingly unafraid of even the large animals. I hope he never encounters a bear or a lion or something more threatening. He'd be all "KITTY!" and try to pet it.

I think he liked petting the sheep because it reminded him of the yarn I never let him play with.

I think this is the most hilarious picture ever. I shall call it "Envy and Shame".

Oh mama, I totally feel your pain. And I've only got ONE.

When we got home we found our own wildlife to play with out in the yard. Baby Evan isn’t really old enough to really be into reptiles yet, but I think that phase is quickly approaching. He would have licked this poor turtle if we let him.

Poke poke poke poke POKE POKE POKE POKE

Make him come out Mama. Why is he hiding Mama. WHY MAMA WHYYYYYYYY?

After the baby got bored, I put Mister Turtle out in the woods. I hope he forgives me - he doesn't look like a guy you want on your bad side.

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3 Responses to “Piggies and sheepies and cows, oh my!”

  1. super cuuuuute! love these photos! hope your trip is fantastic! can’t wait to hear about the rest.


  2. ps that turtle looks straight-up evil. hee hee!

  3. I think you should have kept the turtle as a souvenir.

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