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Caroline: 13 Months

Friday, January 20th, 2012

A summary of Caroline at 13 months…

What she ate: Mini-waffles, grapes (red and green), Pirate’s Booty, grilled cheese, Goldfish, blueberries, carrots, pretzels, yogurt melts, string cheese, lollipop, watered down juice, boob, and a clementine although she really just sucked the juice out and left gross slimy sections all over the floor.

What she wore: Size 4 diaper, size 4 Mary Janes, white socks, 12 month leggings and dress she ruined by crushing blueberries with her butt, 12-18 month jeggings, shirt and sweater I bought at Old Navy to replace ruined leggings and dress. Adorable smile.

What she did: Went to Stroller Strides, ate from a snack trap, played in the play area, climbed up the stairs and down the slide by herself, made new friends, went to a playdate, stood on a chair, fell on her face several times, learned to climb into a chair correctly, clapped, said “all done” when I asked if she was all done nursing, made me laugh, ran away, gave kisses, tried to eat a lot of inappropriateĀ  items, played peek a boo, watched Toy Story, took a nap in my lap, cried a little bit, hugged her daddy, went to sleep without an argument.

Likes include running, climbing, smiling, clapping, laughing, taking off her shoes, blueberries, her brother, friends, being upside down, tunnels, slides, making important calls on her (my) cell phone, tea parties, trying to kill herself.

Disliked include falling on her head, when people try to help her after she falls on her head, being told not to fall on her head, eating clementines the right way.

I’m out of monthly stickers and Caroline refuses to hold still or pose for pictures so these are…blurry. That’s a nice word.

She takes her sandwiches very seriously

She is SO blogging this playdate

Wassup Red?

Finally sitting in the chair without giving anyone a heart attack


Lap nap after a busy day

Dinner of champions

13 Month Milestones (from BabyCenter, as usual)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
Uses two words skillfully (e.g., “hi” and “bye”) – She can say mama, daddy, kitty, doggie, hi, all done, and sit
Bends over and picks up an object – Yes, especially if it’s food

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
Enjoys gazing at his reflection – She will kiss the baby in the mirror but she loses interest pretty quickly. There are lots of things that need kissing.
Holds out arm or leg to help you dress him – She CAN, although she thinks pulling a shirt over her head is some sort of baby torture. But she can take her clothes off like a…nope, can’t bring myself to make any analogy here.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Combines words and gestures to make needs known – Does weeping and yanking on my pants while I’m trying to eat my lunch without sharing count? How about weeping and yanking on my pants while I read to her brother? Or weeping and yanking on my pants because it’s only 71 degrees in the play room and she prefers it at 73? SHE HAS A LOT OF NEEDS.
Rolls a ball back and forth – Y……es? I feel like Evan was super into balls at this age but Caroline is too busy climbing on stuff and pushing cars around. I’ll see if she wants to play tomorrow.

I was doing better when all he ate was milk

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

So finally, at almost 14 months, my child officially eats solid food. All my fears about poor oral motor skills and gag reflex and allergies and exclusively nursing until he was 8 proved to be just normal first-time mommy induced panic and now I can go back to freaking out about the important stuff, like why doesn’t he say “mama” more often and will he grow up to be a serial killer because he likes to stand on the cat?

Baby Evan’s new and somewhat sudden interest in real, human food has left me woefully unprepared to offer healthy, age appropriate choices. It’s incredibly embarrassing to realize the only food in our house is stale bread, frozen pizza rolls, ancient cans of soup and fourteen kinds of cheese (which happens to be one of the only foods Baby Evan is still totally uninterested in) while Baby Evan whines and signs “food food food food foooooooood”. And even when I do have apples and Cheerios and yogurt and wheat bread and raisins and four dozen other things to offer him, all Baby Evan wants is cookies. Or french fries. Or jelly beans. Or one of the other terrible, horrible, no-good-for-babies things I’ve fed him over the past six months in a desperate attempt to find ANYTHING he would eat. It’s a lucky night when we’re having chicken or pasta or salmon or something I can offer him without the horrible guilt brought on by food coloring and corn syrup.

How did I end up doing this so wrong? I’ve seen plenty of news reports about childhood obesity. I scoffed at the idea of french fries being the most common vegetable in a child’s diet and swore “not MY child”. I know intellectually how important it is to start good habits now, but then suddenly it’s time to eat (breakfast, brunch, mid-day snack, lunch, early afternoon snack, etc etc etc) and all those good intentions fly right out the window. I am failing.

It’s crazy to realize feeding my child is turning out to be my greatest parenting challenge to date, especially since I thought I got the baby-feeding thing under control when Baby Evan was 4 months old. Wasn’t breastfeeding supposed to be the hard part?

Moms (and childless healthy eaters), how do you do it? How do you make sure your kids eat real, healthy, non-processed crap more (or at least as) often as they eat junk?

Piggies and sheepies and cows, oh my!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

For part 2 of the Great Family Vacation of 2010, we’re visiting my folks in Northern Virgina. It’s sort of like the opposite of Ohio – absolutely no extended family but a zillion options for entertaining ourselves. We are (probably (very)(very) foolishly) going to attempt the zoo and maybe a few museums on Saturday but this morning we went in a much more rural direction. Literally. It’s sort of surprising how quickly you can reach farmland from the ‘burbs around here – just drive west for a few minutes.

We visited Frying Pan Farm Park, clearly a popular destination for school trips, possibly due to the fact that it was free. Dear Residents of Fairfax Country, Thanks for paying for all that hay and chicken feed with your taxes. My kid had fun. xoxo Suzanne.

I put my sister in charge of the camera, which is why this is such a nice shot. My pics were all of chicken butts.

Baby Evan was surprisingly unafraid of even the large animals. I hope he never encounters a bear or a lion or something more threatening. He'd be all "KITTY!" and try to pet it.

I think he liked petting the sheep because it reminded him of the yarn I never let him play with.

I think this is the most hilarious picture ever. I shall call it "Envy and Shame".

Oh mama, I totally feel your pain. And I've only got ONE.

When we got home we found our own wildlife to play with out in the yard. Baby Evan isn’t really old enough to really be into reptiles yet, but I think that phase is quickly approaching. He would have licked this poor turtle if we let him.

Poke poke poke poke POKE POKE POKE POKE

Make him come out Mama. Why is he hiding Mama. WHY MAMA WHYYYYYYYY?

After the baby got bored, I put Mister Turtle out in the woods. I hope he forgives me - he doesn't look like a guy you want on your bad side.


Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

I’m hope at least one reader can finish that for me.

E’s family threw his grandmother a huge 86th birthday party over the weekend so we made the 11 hour drive out and back to help celebrate. Because how many 86th birthday’s do you get? Plus if we didn’t make it Granny might have kicked our butts. She’s pretty spry for a great-grandmother.

Once when E was little, Granny spanked him. When he cried and told his mom on her, she asked "Well, did you deserve it?" and E said "Yeeeeeees". You don't mess with Granny

I’ll spare you the fourtybazillionteen pictures of a bunch of people standing around eating hamburgers and jello salad but here’s just a few of my favorites from our trip.

Don't worry kid, they're just ONE side of your family.

Evan Original Recipe and E playing bocce. It easy to see where the competative streak comes from. And for the record, E lost BIG TIME.

Cousin Jack. I hear he had a pretty impressive birthday party this year too.

My scale says I've gained .5 pregnancy pounds, and yet somehow my FACE has gained 15.

Cool magnetic pendulum at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Hello me!

"Your fake sink SUCKS. How am I supposed to get my clothes totally soaking wet?"

"Much better. I am appeased by your offering."

This is only the two-pully chair. Which means I'm lifting most of my own weight. Which, let me tell you, is no small amount. So what I'm saying here, is RAWR STRONG!

Real men wear babies in flowered Ergos while carrying their sister's diaper bag for her. Rawr again.

Wordless Wednesday – Now With More Words!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Baby Evan’s face is a pretty clear reflection of the mood I’ve been in this week. I’m annoyed at everything. I’m pissed no one ever responds to me on twitter. I’m sick of all the Top Best Most Important Coolest Prettiest Mommy Blogs Lists that require 4o bazillionteen votes and if you DON’T play along you end up in the loneliest most unread corner of the internet covered in mold. I’m tired of trying to write every day only to end up posting boring crap that even I don’t want to read. I feel like until I know this fetus is healthy and growing and alive I can’t focus on anything else, which is making me a lousy mom and a neglectful wife.

My first pre-natal appointment is tomorrow at 10:30 am. Hopefully I can be funny again by noon.