I’m hope at least one reader can finish that for me.

E’s family threw his grandmother a huge 86th birthday party over the weekend so we made the 11 hour drive out and back to help celebrate. Because how many 86th birthday’s do you get? Plus if we didn’t make it Granny might have kicked our butts. She’s pretty spry for a great-grandmother.

Once when E was little, Granny spanked him. When he cried and told his mom on her, she asked "Well, did you deserve it?" and E said "Yeeeeeees". You don't mess with Granny

I’ll spare you the fourtybazillionteen pictures of a bunch of people standing around eating hamburgers and jello salad but here’s just a few of my favorites from our trip.

Don't worry kid, they're just ONE side of your family.

Evan Original Recipe and E playing bocce. It easy to see where the competative streak comes from. And for the record, E lost BIG TIME.

Cousin Jack. I hear he had a pretty impressive birthday party this year too.

My scale says I've gained .5 pregnancy pounds, and yet somehow my FACE has gained 15.

Cool magnetic pendulum at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Hello me!

"Your fake sink SUCKS. How am I supposed to get my clothes totally soaking wet?"

"Much better. I am appeased by your offering."

This is only the two-pully chair. Which means I'm lifting most of my own weight. Which, let me tell you, is no small amount. So what I'm saying here, is RAWR STRONG!

Real men wear babies in flowered Ergos while carrying their sister's diaper bag for her. Rawr again.

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4 Responses to “O-H!”

  1. Barbra says:

    from another transplanted former Buckeye!!!!

  2. Lindsey says:


    I was hoping to be the first, but alas, Barbra beat me to it. I have always lived in Ohio and went to Ohio State from ’01-’05…did your hubbie go there?

    Looks like you had a fun time…I haven’t been to COSI since junior high…but soon enough I will have a toddler to take so I don’t look like the crazy adult there with no kids :)

  3. sarrible says:

    Still cracking up at the idea of Baby E as a tiny, vengeful deity who must be placated with burnt offerings of Cheerios.

  4. Jennie says:

    Joshua would be so Proud!


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