Easter Bunny at the Zoo

On Friday I went to Stroller Strides at the mall and saw that they had the same weird Ben Franklin Easter Bunny they’ve had for the last few years, so I knew I had to find somewhere else. About an hour later my phone buzzed with a reminder I set up two weeks ago that the Easter Bunny was going to be at the zoo the next day. I LOVE when my past self does helpful crap like that. How do I get my past self to not eat so many cheeseburgers so I wouldn’t have to be on a diet now?

Anyway, E had to work so I was on my own for Easter Bunny festivities. I set the bar REALLY low – if we were in the same room as an Easter Bunny and no one cried, we’d call it a success – but we had one of those magical outings where everyone listened, everyone had fun and everyone wore themselves out so they went to bed easily (and slept in the next day!). I think we were all just so relieved to be OUTSIDE in the SUNLIGHT that we couldn’t have had a bad time if we tried. Wait, that’s obviously a lie. Children can ALWAYS have a bad time. Children can be in a bouncy castle filled with candy, pizza and grape soda while all their parents are horsewhipped for that time they made them go to bed early and at least one of them would stand in the corner crying “But I like ORANGE soda!” To sum up our zoo trip? Super fun.

easter bunny

easter bunny-2-2

easter bunny-6

easter bunny-3-2

easter bunny-4

easter bunny-8

easter bunny-9

easter bunny-11

easter bunny-15

easter bunny-16

easter bunny-17

easter bunny-18 copy

easter bunny-19

easter bunny-20
easter bunny-22 copy

easter bunny-24

easter bunny-26

easter bunny-25

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3 Responses to “Easter Bunny at the Zoo”

  1. Liz says:

    I often go to put things in my calendar only to find my past self has already done it! lol.

    Cute pics!

  2. tricia says:

    your past self needs to start doing crap for my past self. also, i’d say that the easter bunny meet up was a win because you actually got cute pictures. boom. on a completely different topic, do you like your city select? i need a double for when the baby gets here in august.

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