A listy kind of day

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Driving south on I-95 through NYC on a Friday afternoon is a VERY BAD IDEA. Very, very, very, very bad. Unless you have a flying car and an invisibility cape always take 287 over the Tappan Zee Bridge.
2. Although I had heard it was possible to nurse a baby strapped in his car seat in a moving vehicle, now I know for a fact it can be done.
3. Breastfeeding a baby in a moving car is a one way ticket to Sore Nipple Town, by way of the Baby Teeth Express. I’m currently the mayor but don’t plan to run for reelection.
4. If you buy the baby a fancy new toy to entertain him during a long car ride, make sure it has an OFF SWITCH.
5. Tying a baby to a chair is a fast and easy way to enjoy a family meal without a squirming child in your lap. It works best if you have an actual baby-tying device but I suppose duct tape would work in a pinch.
6. When packing to visit your family, be sure to leave extra room in the car for the toys they are sure to have bought the baby AND the stuff they saved from your own childhood.
7. Going back to the house you grew up in feels really weird when you have a husband and a baby.
8. When you have both a grandma and a great-grandma ready to babysit, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY to go do something without the baby. Preferably something you couldn’t do with a baby, like go to a movie, a bar, or the NRA range.
9. Sometimes the best way to blow off some travel frustration is to shoot stuff. It’s also good to practice your aim to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
10. Nine hours of heavy traffic and only 3 hours of sleep is worth it to give Great-Grandma a chance to see her only great-grandson on her 80th birthday.

Great Grandma Gayle & Baby Evan

Great Grandma Gayle & Baby Evan

I think this car seat was an excellent purchase

I think this car seat was an excellent purchase

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  1. Laura says:

    What a sweet picture! Your grandma looks AMAZING! Seriously.

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