When I Get A Minute…

…here’s a list of things I am going to blog about. (aka LAZIEST BLOG POST EVER)

1. A photo tour of the new nursery/playroom. I finished all my projects weeks ago, I just need to hang ONE frame on a wall and put the toys up on the shelves. Oh yeah and find a time to take pictures during daylight hours.

2. An epic post about the double stroller we ended up choosing and all the ways I love it. Bonus fun: We put it together wrong and I sent the company snippy emails until they very politely explained I was an idiot. In the nicest possible way! But this post needs a lot of pictures and I keep forgetting to do it during daylight hours. I meant to take pictures when we used it at the mall the other day but forgot my memory card. I forget things a lot.

3. A photo tour of our new master bedroom now that it’s finished. Except it’s NOT finished because the closet doors we bought are hollow and so trimming them to fit our odd shaped closets doesn’t work and dragging three doors back to Home Depot just to spend several hundred dollars on non-hollow doors hasn’t been at the top of our list of things to do recently. SO!  As soon as we wrap up the project (and I can find time to take pictures during daylight hours) I’ll get right on that “after” pic.

4. My round up of Things I’ve Knit Recently that includes all the Christmas knitting I sent as gifts and didn’t want to post about before people received them. Luckily I DID remember to take pictures. I just keep forgetting to write the post because I’m too busy knitting. IRONIC.

5. A zillion words about how much I appreciate all the help and support I’ve been getting in the past few weeks. I would be out of my skull already if I had to do everything for both kids plus keep us fed, clothed and not crushed to death under piles and piles of trash.

6. Lots of other stuff that keeps floating around in my head at 4 am when I’m trapped under a sleepy, nursing baby and immediately falls out again as soon as I’m able to get to my computer. I swear my babies have eaten my brains. OMG ZOMBIE BABIES.

Thank you for your patience with my all-over-the-place topics and filler-pictures of children and dogs. I promise to get my act together…soon. Maybe. Ok, probably not.

But for now, please enjoy these pictures of children and dogs.

The lab is Hershey, my parent's dog. Little Evan is VERY excited to have TWO dog friends this weekend. The dogs are...less excited.

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4 Responses to “When I Get A Minute…”

  1. Brandy says:

    Look forward to all the posts.

    … if you can remember to take pictures during daylight hours ;-)

    Which reminds me … it’s daylight!! *I* could be taking some pictures for future posts RIGHT NOW!

  2. Amy says:

    Mia climbs the baby gate in the exact same way!!!! Good luck finding photo time during daylight hours. ;)

  3. Cole says:

    I do so enjoy baby and dog pictures! How is E adjusting to being a big brother?

  4. I love his little feet on the gate.

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