What a Zoo!

Literally. My parents, E and I took Baby Evan to the National Zoo in Washington on Saturday. It was…exhausting. And hot. And I was sort of unimpressed by what I remembered as a really cool zoo from my childhood – the walking to animal ratio was much too large and the one animal I though Baby Evan would really like (giraffes) were no where to be found.

I know pictures of zoo animals are really boring so I’ll try to keep this short. Of course, I will fail.


Baby Evan's first ride on public transportation. I think he liked it.



Seriously, the amount of freaking out of a panda eating bamboo was epic.


Baby Evan getting in on the exciting panda fun. Although he thought it was a dog.


Number of Ergos spotted: 4. Number worn by men: 4. Number of people who looked at my carrier and told their husband "Oh I think that's the Becco": 1.


For the record, the zoom on my camera is not that good. This cheetah was REALLY close.


Stupid llama. Plus ten point for getting the reference. Minus 10 points for admitting it. Minus another 10 points for me since this is actually an emu.


Aw it's a gorilla family. The baby was the cutest thing ever.


This is the point where Baby Evan lost interest in the animals and started wondering when nap time starts.


I suspected this was a fake alligator because of the moss, but I saw him blink so I'm pretty sure he was alive.


I had to physically restrain myself from shouting "Aslan! Aslan! Take me to Naria!" I'm kind of a crazy person when it comes to lions.


HAHAHAHA! You thought I couldn't get breastfeeding into a zoo picture post didn't you? I can get breastfeeding into ANYTHING. But really, I loved this sign.


After the zoo Mom and Dad took us out to lunch while Baby Evan slept in his stroller. When he woke up our waitress bribed him to be good with Oreos. I think he enjoyed them.


Baby Evan made a lot of friends on the metro. He clearly doesn't understand the "listen to your iPod and don't make eye contact" rule.


Although by the end of the day I'd say he was ready for his own metro card.

Next time we’ll do real Washington, with lots of monuments and museums and freeze dried ice cream. Which is the Washington I remember from my childhood.

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8 Responses to “What a Zoo!”

  1. andrea says:

    What a fun trip! The photos of baby E on the subway are priceless. Whenever I read your blog, I get the impression that you guys are always on the move, outdoors, having fun. It really makes me want to get out of the house and plan all these little outings. We’ve been wanting to go to a petting zoo/farm for a while… I hope we manage to go before we leave next week.
    Thanks for sharing! xxo

  2. andrea says:

    p.s. Just read on your side-bar that this week Sandy is officially a fetus!? yay! First milestone :)

  3. Lisa says:

    Llama, Emu… Both weird names. Same difference, right :-)

  4. Merin says:

    Your last paragraph totally sums up my Washington childhood memories!! Along with it being crazy f’ing hot because for some reason we were there in august a lot. I also remember thinking that I knew some French because we always stayed at/near the L’Enfant Plaza.

  5. Jill says:

    omg, the llama emu thing had me cracking up! i swear i watched that movie no less than 100 times…the first week it came out. cute, cute, cute pictures!

  6. Jill says:

    omg, the llama/emu thing had me cracking up! i swear i watched that movie no less than 100 times…the first week it came out. cute, cute, cute pictures!

  7. miranda says:

    Cute pictures! I kind of have a thing for baby gorillas and chimpanzees. I’d like to steal one from the zoo in my backpack and take it home and smoosh on it. Until it flings poo at my wall. Then the thing can go back to the effing zoo.

    Evan totally rocked the Metro, btw. He’s ready to be a regular commuter.

  8. Brandy says:

    Cute pictures. I’m a sucker for animal pictures, though. That lion. Wow. Gorgeous.

    Baby Evan is TOO CUTE!!

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