Un-Cover Model

So maybe it’s because I begged my way into the Top 50 60 of that Babble list or maybe it’s because my blog is finally showing up in Google searches but I’ve been getting a TON of spam recently. I actually get far more spam than I get actual comments from people who aren’t offering to sell me coffee makers and erectile dysfunction medication, which is really depressing as I don’t drink coffee or have a penis. But a couple days ago I actually got a non-spam, non-commenter email from a real life human public relations person. The kind of PR person who offers mommy bloggers trips to Jamaica and free washing machines and all kinds of other awesome stuff. Unfortunately, all they were offering me was the “opportunity” to talk about their baby photo contest, without promising me any trips or major appliances. Not even a small appliance (like a coffee maker maybe?).

But since the PR person actually read my blog and remembered my baby’s name and because I’m convinced I have the world’s cutest baby, I’m totally going to enter The American Baby Photo Contest. And since you clearly have the second cutest baby in the world, you should too.

Here’s the sample cover American Baby sent me:

Super adorable, right? So let’s find a picture of Baby Evan that I should submit. How about this one?

Gnawing on dirty shoelaces makes him look smart, right?

Maybe this one?

This photo really shows what a good helper he is.

How about something really classic?

Naked baby pictures are always cute, right?

I suppose a really great cover shot should at least be in focus.

But he looks like his father!

We could try a close up:

"Hey Mom, you're doin' it wrong - let me show you how to adjust the f-stop."

Hmmm…those may not be my best choices but they do represent 99% of all the Baby Evan pictures on my computer. I think the moral of this story is a need a better camera before I’m going to win any photo contests. Or at least some lessons on how to get a baby to pose for pictures. I suppose lesson #1 is “glue baby to the floor”.

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7 Responses to “Un-Cover Model”

  1. Erin says:

    Too bad our baby photo shoot didn’t go any better :(

  2. Amy says:

    You should use one of the pictures from your look at all my baby hats post. Those were adorable.

  3. I vote the Yoda picture. That is the apex of photography as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Jen from Robinson says:

    Hey Suzanne! This is Jenny (formerly Bowen) from high school – love your blog, your baby is too cute! Good luck with the photo contest, I agree, the Yoda one that shows at the top of the blog sometimes is money :) Although I do like the one you have above, where Ravelry is in the foreground – best. site. ever. I think you need to knit him a ridiculously cute hat for the contest – check out “Itty Bitty Hats” when you get a chance.

  5. sarrible says:

    The one of him with Yoda, definitely.

  6. Found you via The Bloggess. Your little man is adorable; definitely American Baby-worthy. Good luck!

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