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Play Place

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

My BFF Erin and her 7 month old baby Reid came to visit us this weekend. Since I am a terrible friend, I made her go to my workout class on Saturday, let Baby Evan steal all her kid’s toys and then gave Reid the flu. Seriously, I’m surprised she’s still speaking to me. Although if she ever threatened to stop being my friend I could always blackmail her with those photos I have from college. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

After Stroller Strides but before the puking the babies did have a pretty good time in our mall’s play area. It’s surprisingly nice (considering how crappy the mall is as a whole) with a cushioned floor, not too many people and stuff to entertain kids from crawling to kamikaze face diving running. We’ll be making it a regular part of our routine.

Space, the final frontier. Imma go there in this awesome plane!

I'm so stylish my binkie matches my outfit. My mom pretends it's just coincidence but it's totally not.

All weekend people kept telling us the babies looked like brothers. I think it's just the chubbiness.

This is my pensive face. I'm considering pooping in this car. Oh wait, just did.

This IS playing together. I stomp on the little kid, he licks this giant pig. Hey it works for us.