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Sunflowers 2013

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

We got to Sunflowers for Wishes every year, and this year might have been the best so far. Even though we got rained on. Hard. Which was totally my fault because I insisted on trying for just a couple more photos.

The fields where the sunflowers bloom is one of the most popular photoshoot spots in Connecticut – we must have seen more than a dozen people with their fancy cameras and bags trying to pose families in the sunflower field…without getting all the other photographers and families in their shot. I know in theory a huge field of sunflowers SOUNDS like a gorgeous spot for photos, in reality it’s less romantic. Sunflowers are a lot taller than kids, so posing them in the sunflowers just shows up as posing in a forest of green stalks. The outside of the field is all bright sun. There are TONS OF PEOPLE and you can only Photoshop out so much. Plus if you bribe your kids with ice cream, they’re either whining to go get it now now now or a sticky mess from already eating it.

I am sure there are photographers who get amazing, dreamy, fabulous pictures. I am not that talented yet – plus I went with my kids to, you know, have a good time while they were open instead of waiting until 8 pm for the magic hour light. But I do think looking back on my previous years at Buttonwood is a great example of how far I’ve come:

Sunflowers 2012 – Just a few pictures

Sunflowers 2011 – Evan and Tiny Fat Baby Caroline

Sunflowers 2010 – Avert your eyes from my terrible Picasa photo effects!

So…yeah. Improvement!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-6

sunflowers for wishes 2013-5

Mooing like a cow is hilarious.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-7

sunflowers for wishes 2013-9

sunflowers for wishes 2013-12

sunflowers for wishes 2013-13

sunflowers for wishes 2013-15

Baby cows!!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-16
sunflowers for wishes 2013-20

sunflowers for wishes 2013-23 sunflowers for wishes 2013-24

sunflowers for wishes 2013-25

Pay no attention to the horrible gash on his left eye. He banged it on the couch (????)

sunflowers for wishes 2013-27

Caroline, look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Show me your eyes!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-28

sunflowers for wishes 2013-30

Team Sunflower, roll out!

sunflowers for wishes 2013-37

When we got home, E asked why our daughter was wearing a bag.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-38

Strawberry cheesecake

sunflowers for wishes 2013-40

My precioussssssss…

sunflowers for wishes 2013-44

sunflowers for wishes 2013-46

This is her “Why am I sitting on this quilt when it is raining on me?” face.

sunflowers for wishes 2013-47

Hiding from the downpour. It was an impressive amount of rain. p.s. He had blue cotton candy ice cream.


Wordless Wednesday: Buttonwood Farms 2012

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

I have one zillion more pictures of this (and plan to drag my husband down for some family shots on Friday) but the kids and I did Sunflowers for Wishes yesterday and had a blast, as usual.

Buttonwood Farms sunflowers for wishes 2012

Buttonwood Farms sunflowers for wishes 2012

Buttonwood Farms sunflowers for wishes 2012

Buttonwood Farms sunflowers for wishes 2012

Sunflowers 2011

Monday, July 25th, 2011

We went to the Sunflowers for Wishes event last year (with teeny tiny Evan – seriously, he looks like such a BABY in those pictures) and it was really fun but crowded and hot and although it mades a great photo op I wasn’t sure I wanted to try it with two babies. But Sunday was a little overcast with predicted showers so we headed out right when they opened for the day and it wasn’t too warm or crowded. Plus, ice cream made it totally worth it.

Buttonwood Farms

Even better, I had mentioned our plan to my two best mama friends (mamas to Little Evan’s two best toddler friends) and we ran into both of them before we got on the hayride! I love having real life friends and I love that we’ve lived here in Connecticut long enough that we often just “run into” people I know when we’re out doing stuff (Except of course when I run into my OB at the grocery store in my pj’s. True story.)

Hayride! They gave us hay to feed the cows this year and the toddlers LOVED it.

Little Evan was ready to throw his entire body out of the wagon to get closer to the Cow-Moos.

Cow-Moo. Don't you love his coloring?

I put E in charge of pictures because of his fancy new photography class skills, but unfortunately for all he’s learned about aperture and focus and ISO, he still doesn’t have an eye for (what I consider) PRETTY pictures. I think the technical term is “composition” or maybe “figuring out how to zoom so you cut the strangers out of the background.” He also sucks at getting the kids to LOOK AT THE DAMN CAMERA. I’m looking forward to Caroline being slightly more self-sufficient so I can take control of the camera again without a baby trying to eat the lens.

At least you can see Caroline's adorable sunflower clippie. I'm wearing one too. MATCHING SUNFLOWERS OMG WE'RE TOO CUTE FOR LIFE.

And now no one is looking at the camera. But I have cute hair, so I'm posting it anyways.

Sunny Baby!

That's the SMALL tractor wheel

Amelia declared the tractor DIRTY but Evan tried to convince her it was cool

And then it was time for ice cream. Amen.

So what if she's not my kid? She's adorable!


She drew a crowd with her cuteness and she loved it.

I love my ginger baby

I will just stop now before I post the other five dozen shots of sunflowers in fields

If you’re seeing this and thinking “Oh no! We didn’t go this weekend!” don’t worry! You’ve got all week to go take your own gorgeous sunflower photos. I highly recommend 10 am sharp as the best time of the day.

The clippies Caroline and I are wearing came from Audry & Ulric, who I’ve written about as one of my favorite handmade shops before. The wonderful Samantha sent them to us as a lovely surprise thank you for mentioning her in my post last week. Isn’t she sweet?! I can’t even tell you how many people stopped me to compliment them.