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Steppin’ (Not) Out: NYE

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

Maybe some day far in the future my pictures from New Years Eve will involve high heels and parties and sparkly dresses and champagne drunk from something fancier than a plastic cup. But yesterday we celebrated the end of 2011 by getting Little Evan a haircut, taking a trip to Target for 75% off wrapping paper and opening the champagne at 9 pm in case I fell asleep. I’ve always sort of hated New Years – it’s built up to be SO GLAMOROUS and SO SPECIAL and a HUGE TURNING POINT in your life, when really it’s just like any other night. Even when I was younger and DID go out for New Years I never felt like I was having as much fun as I was supposed to be having. And not even once did Billy Crystal declare he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

So instead of building it up and being let down, this year I just enjoyed having these two goofballs to hang out with all day and a husband to kiss at midnight any time I want to.

Twinsie trouble faces

You think they might be related?


Whatchu lookin' at, fool?


She suspects she got the short end of the stick

Minding his own business

These aren’t the best SOS pictures I’ve ever taken, but there is no way to pose for photos at Target without feeling like a total idiot and we didn’t do anything else. But I DID put on real clothes after a full week of PJ pants and there is no way I’m letting that go undocumented.

Dance party!

On Evan:
Shirt – Old Navy
Jeans – Children’s Place

On Caroline:
Dress & leggings – Crazy 8 (dude, don’t even think about looking at their website unless you’re prepared to spend mucho bucks on adorableness)

On Suzanne:
Tank – ModCloth (bought on sale last week, now gone)
Sweater – Target
Jeggings – Nordstrom Rack (I’m not even ashamed, they’re SO comfortable)
Boots – Old Navy
Necklace – Lisa Leonard
Bracelet – Spiffing Jewelry (it says “I curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal” and rocks my socks)