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Halloween Countdown

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

One of the great things about having kids is the excuse to do kid-related stuff you’re technically to old for. You don’t have to be the sad/creepy/weird/childless person attending a “Family Day” at the ballpark or aquarium. You can also go to petting zoos, get a balloon at the fair, have you face painted, show up at Harry Potter events, go to children’s museums…and take part in the ten million Halloween parties held during the month of October. Oh you have free candy? Let me just take one for my kid. No, no, I’m eating this candy FOR HIM, you see. He gets it later, direct from me.

Today at church the kids had a costume parade over to the nearby retirement home, where the kids sang Sunday School songs for the old people. Since Baby Evan is too young to sing, I sat on the floor with him and held him where everyone could watch him chew on the paper with the lyrics on it. He really liked “Jesus loves the little children” but wasn’t such a fan of “5 little pumpkins”. I think it needed more salt.

Last night we finally carved the pumpkins we bought up in Massachusetts, so no we have a little orange family on the front steps. I think Baby Evan’s pumpkin is my favorite, and looks surprising like him.