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Old Life vs. Mom Life

Monday, January 16th, 2012

When you’re a mom, it’s important to take some time for yourself and continue to enjoy the things you used to before having kids…with a few minor modifications. Here’s a handy guide to your new life:

A relaxing spa day: Fluffy robe, aromatherapy massage, chatting with girlfriends, mimosa in the quiet room, pedicure.

Mom Version: Locking the bathroom door and peeing alone while your kids scream from the hallway and you sniff a bottle of baby shampoo.

Date Night: High heels, shaved legs, nice dress, sushi, bottle of wine, maybe a movie in a theater.

Mom Version: Flannel pants, pizza and Cars 2 because the Redbox at the grocery store was broken, in bed by 10 pm.

Shopping: Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, your favorite vintage shop, all while sipping a non-fat soy mocha latte.

Mom Version: Pushing a giant car-shaped cart through Target, buying shirts you didn’t trying on, sharing a slushy with a toddler who loudly demands new toys.

Going for a drive: Cruising in a convertible, stopping at a scenic overlook to take some photos, listening to classic rock

Mom Version: Circling the block for 45 minutes, playing Angry Birds on your phone in the driveway once the kids fall asleep.

Sleeping in: 11:30 am

Mom Version: 8 am

Cooking a gourmet meal: Blood Orange, Beet and Fennel Salad, Chard and Mushroom-Stuffed Breast of Veal,White Chocolate-Mint Pots de Crème with Candy Cane Brittle, $75 bottle of wine.

Mom version: Serving real grated Parmesan with the spaghetti instead of the powdered kind from a green can, wine someone gave you for Christmas 3 years ago

Vacation: Spur of the moment weekend getaway to Montreal, bed and breakfast, carriage ride, antiquing

Mom version: Disneyworld, planned a year in advance, breakfast with a person-sized Mickey Mouse that makes your kid cry

Wine tasting: At a vineyard

Mom Version: From a box

Seeing a show: Secret Radiohead concert at underground club you can only get into with a password

Mom Version: The Fresh Beat Band Live!

Romantic evening: Cocktails, fire place, lingerie, chocolate covered strawberries

Mom Version: Ahahahahaha what? I could be SLEEPING right now.


See? Practically the same! What other Mom Life activities do you enjoy?