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BlogHer Book Club: The Kid

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

I participated in another book club selection for BlogHer recently, this time it was The Kid, a sequel to the novel Push by Sapphire (you may have seen the movie, Precious, which was based on Push). If you’ve seen or read the first one, you can imagine why my review started like this:

I have never struggled so hard to finish a book as I did with The Kid by Sapphire. In fact, it took me a full 3 weeks to read the 370 pages because I could only handle it in small, small doses, like a medicine you know is good for you but tastes awful. This story is not for those with a weak stomach or a weak heart.

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Elsewhere, Again

Friday, July 15th, 2011

My most recent BlogHer Book Club review for What Happened To Goodbye is up today over on the book club site. This month was a nice summery young adult/teen fiction that would make a good beach read.

What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen isn’t so much about goodbyes as about choices. Mclean Sweet’s life is all about choices — who to live with after her parents get divorced, what to call herself, whether or not to forgive her mother for the betrayal that tore her family apart, and what to do about the fascinating boy next door who seems intent on being more than friends. How do we choose who we are and can you reallychoose to be someone you’re not?

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I totally forgot to tell you my friend (and future roommie) Molly asked me to be part of her guest series this week on some of our favorite Pinterest finds. So go check that out, and definitely look at what her other guest posters this week pinned too – there were some GREAT finds!

And before yet ANOTHER week goes by without my mentioning it, I have to tell you that the (now not so) new blog design is courtesy of the AMAZING Marjorie at Color by Letter Design. I mentioned on Twitter I was terrified to make the jump to Thesis (a blog design template all the cool kids use but that requires some technical skills) and she said “We should talk. I’ll email you” and then BAM! She had a concept and a color scheme and did a fantastic job (at an extremely reasonable price) and now I’ve got my grown up blog all set up. I THINK we’ve gotten all the kinks worked out now too, but if you click something and it takes you down the rabbit hole or are looking for something and can’t find it anywhere let me know and I’ll see if she can help.

p.s. I know I mentioned it once before, but Sarah from One Starry Night designed my social media buttons and I just love them so much I wanted to tell you again. She is also extremely affordable and does great custom work, so drop her a line!

Book Review on BlogHer

Friday, June 24th, 2011

I signed up for the BlogHer Book Club a few months ago (see my fancy little badge in the sidebar? I’m OFFICIAL) and I’m really enjoying it. What’s not to like about being sent free books and then talking about them? Today my most recent review for A Discovery of Witches is up on BlogHer:

A Discovery of Witches is just like The Da Vinci Code… if you replace symbolism with science and religion with magic. Oh and the main characters are a witch and a vampire. So, not exactly like The Da Vinci Code, but that is definitely what it reminded me of after the action started. And they even go to France for a while!

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