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Oh My Stars (Baby Boden Giveaway)

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Poor third baby got almost no new stuff. I literally got his crib yesterday, one day after his 8 week birthday. It’s not even out of the box yet.

So far Linc doesn’t seem to mind. He just hangs out and smiles and eats and sleeps. Ok, and sometimes he screams his head off, but that can usually be quickly fixed with a clean diaper and a snack. Then he’s back to smiling.

And what goes better with an adorable chubby baby than an adorable baby outfit?

mini boden baby gift set-6

mini boden baby gift set-5

My favorite people over at Baby Boden sent Linc and me one of their new Baby Boden gift sets to celebrate becoming the newest ginger bebeh. They come in sizes from newborn up to 6-9 months, include a gift box, jammies, hat, bib and blanket, and would be perfect for a baby shower…or as a special surprise for a new mom who wasn’t really expecting much for her third child :)

This is why Boden is one of my favorites: how cute is all this stuff they sent?

mini boden baby gift set

mini boden baby gift set-2

mini boden baby gift set-3

mini boden baby gift set-4

The fabric is SUPER soft and the blanket is very generously sized. But the best part might be the hat.

mini boden baby gift set-10

mini boden baby gift set-7

From now until October 12th you can take 15% off your Boden order using the code BABY.

Would you like a chance to win a Baby Boden gift set for you or to give to your favorite new or expecting mama? Just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Baby Boden item. 

Giveaway is open to those with a US shipping address and winner may select the Baby Boden gift set of their choice. Winner will be chosen from eligible comments using in 2 weeks. 

Cabin Fever Cure

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

The annual Cabin Fever Chowder Cook-Off happened down in Mystic this weekend. It was PACKED from the second they opened at noon until we left several hours later. A couple booths ran out of chowder. It wasn’t a surprise – Saturday was the first non-cold, non-snowing, non-raining day we’ve had since before Christmas. I saw a couple people in shorts, even though the temps barely broke 50 degrees. Both my children refused their coats and ran around acting like it was summer, even as they fell into giant snow drifts that will probably never melt.

(As I sit here typing this the forecast on my TV screen is predicting snow showers in 6 of the next 7 days, but I can also see the end of February on my calendar so I am pretty sure we’re going to survive.)

Normally my family wouldn’t be super excited over a chowder cook-off (those weirdos don’t really like chowder) but I had a couple things working in my favor. First, it was at Olde Mystickee Villageeeee, which means they could eat at our favorite grilled cheese place while I stuffed cream-based seafood in my mouth. Second, our Navy friends who just moved back from Virginia were there, which means we each had a counterpart to talk to. Other people’s kids who wear out your kids are the best kids.

mini boden spring collection mini boden spring collection-2 mini boden spring collection-collage mini boden spring collection-collage2 mini boden spring collection-8

mini boden spring collection-9

Evan was OBSESSED with these juggler/comedians. Some of their jokes were a little PG-13 but they went right over the small people’s heads so I didn’t feel too guilty laughing. My kid makes the best faces when he’s happy.

mini boden spring collection-10

mini boden spring collection-11

mini boden spring collection-12

mini boden spring collection-13

After I was done with chowder and the kids had burned off a little of their cabin fever we drove over to Stonington to find a brewery our friends had heard about. Since I’m all pregnant and stuff I didn’t get to participate in the tasting part, but E assures me it’s delicious. He bought a growler (a big jug of beer) and can take it back to get it refilled. It’s called Beer’d Brewing Co, which is my favorite part. Their logo is a beard. Obviously.

While E was waiting for his jug’o’alcohol the kids ran around the GIANT indoor space. I think they use it for the farmer’s market in the mornings but as a place to run/take pictures it was equally awesome. We’re definitely going back to explore the shops and galleries in the mill again (and so E can get more beer).

Since the weather was FINALLY warm enough for something besides layers on top of layers on top of layers, I broke out the kids’ new play clothes. Boden was nice enough to send us a few things last month and I’ve been saving them for a fun outing so I could take pictures.

mini boden spring collection-collage3 mini boden spring collection-18

mini boden spring collection-19 mini boden spring collection-20 mini boden spring collection-collage4 mini boden spring collection-28 mini boden spring collection-collage5 mini boden spring collection-collage6 mini boden spring collection-37 mini boden spring collection-collage7 mini boden spring collection-38 mini boden spring collection-collage8

You have until midnight tonight to use the code 424F to get 20% off your Boden or Mini-Boden order. Tomorrow it will be 15% and Friday it will be 10%. You can also follow this link (not an affiliate link, just the discount). I ordered Evan adorable submarine swim trunks and Caroline a stripy, beachy dress. Clearly I’m ready for warmer days.

Disclaimer: Boden sent the kids the tops/bottoms in my photos but I wasn’t compensated for my post or opinions. I just can’t say no to adorable kid clothes.