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I’ve been framed

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

So for the second time in two days I’m going to link over to Mandy’s blog, this time because of the super cute things she made with her thrift store finds.  Maybe I link because I want her to like me or maybe it’s just because she’s awesome and inspires me all the time. Seriously, my comments on some of her posts are almost as long as the posts themselves. Because I’m a crazy person.

Sometimes the crazy comes in handy though, like when I volunteered to take some of the stuff left over from our charity tag sale to Goodwill and this picture frame “accidentally” forgot to make it out of my van. I had very crafty hopes for it.

Please ignore the rest of the crafting junk - it's from my "good intentions that never go anywhere" collection. It's quite extensive.

It doesn't have a back but it still had the glass - very well attached I might add, despite my best attempt to pry it out before I painted it.

When we put in the island a couple weeks ago I decided what I needed was a message board over it to keep a running shopping/to-do/where-am-I list. So that’s what this frame has been re-purposed as.

I used two slightly differnt shades of white paint because that's what I happened to have in the basement. Plus I was going for an antiquey kind of look.

Then I glued some fabric to the back (left over from when I recovered the dining room chairs). Of course, I tried to stretch it rather than do a proper job ironing it so you can see the crease. I think I'll take it off the wall and try to iron it now. Or I'll just live with it because it's the sort of non-perfection my house is full of. Probably that second one.

Regular dry erase markers work great on glass and come off with just a swipe of a damp paper towel. I know it's a little harder to read than a white board but SO MUCH cuter, don't you think?

Man, now I’m in one of those crafty moods that end with a trip to Michael’s and the purchase of a specialty paper cutting machine that I use once and then ends up gathering dust on my dining room table. No good can come of this.


So apparently enough of you took my begging seriously to get me nominated for a BlogLuxe Award! I’m under the “funniest” category along with some of the most hilarious, talented, amazing blogs on the internet (so I have no chance of actually winning) but I would love your vote anyways! While you’re over there check out some of my other favorite bloggers in the other categories and show them some love. You can vote once a day between now and July 12th, no registration required although it does make you confirm you’re a real person via email. Hey, if zombies and robots are out maybe there’s a chance I can beat The Bloggess after all!