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Unicorn Days

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Every once in a while we get a day together as a family where we DON’T have anything planned but still manage to get ourselves out of the house and into the real world. It’s incredibly rare and easy to scare away if I start saying things like “Have you heard about this place in Maine?” or “I found out about this beach down I-95…” or “SHOPPING”. If I can balance my desire to do ALL THE THINGS with my hard-working husband’s desire to do NONE OF THE THINGS we get a unicorn day. ┬áThe trick is…this was all in town. We never went more than 3 miles from our house.

It’s amazing we’ve managed to find enough balance in the past 9 years to stay married. Nine years (and one day) and two gingers and more perfect days to come.

Warning: One bazillion photos to follow.

family day

family day-3

family day-6

family day-8

family day-9

family day-14

family day-17

family day-18

family day-21

family day dinner

family day dinner-2

family day dinner-3

family day dinner-4

family day dinner-6

family day dinner-5

family day dinner-7

family day dinner-8 collage collage2


family day night-2

collage collage2 family day night-4

family day night-5

family day night-6

family day night-7

family day night-8

family day night-9

family day night-12

family day night-13

family day night-16

family day night-17

family day night-18

family day night-19

family day night-20

family day night-21

family day night-22


I love this life <3