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Maternity/Family Photos

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I was going to post just a couple of these but I CANNOT PICK which ones I like the best so here’s the most epic, ridiculously long photo post ever. Kade from KBG Photography took over 600 shots on Saturday and gave me a disk with 370 edited photos less than 24 hours after our session. How’s that for amazing turn-around? If you’re here in Eastern Connecticut I HIGHLY recommend using her for family photos – she was fantastic with Little Evan, even when he was being…difficult. Check out her website or like her on Facebook to see all the great shoots she’s done. (And thanks to April for suggesting her!) I’m so glad I was able to get these taken, even if my stupid kidneys forced us to reschedule. Thank you so much Kade!

And Mom/Mom Davis/Other Relatives, I have a release form saying I’m allowed to print as many of these as I want so if you need new family pics for the walls just let me know!

Belly handprints: Fail. But still cute!

He did NOT want to love the belly.

He had no problem loving the belly :)

My super pale belly is...kind of creepy. But the kid is cute!

Little Evan is trying to escape. But we'll call it hugging.

For the record, those are my pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned/with a Bella Band. They still totally fit over my butt at 38 weeks pregnant, something I am ridiculously proud of.