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Davis Christmas 2012

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Christmas Eve:

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012-4

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Christmas 2012-10

Christmas 2012-16

Christmas 2012-17

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Christmas 2012-26

Christmas 2012-34

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Christmas 2012-40

Christmas Morning:

Christmas 2012-51

Christmas 2012-48

Christmas 2012-52

Christmas 2012-53

Christmas 2012-57

Christmas 2012-59

Christmas 2012-60

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Christmas 2012-64

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Christmas Day:

Christmas 2012-70 edit

Christmas 2012-67

Christmas 2012-69

Christmas 2012-73

Christmas 2012-72

Christmas 2012-75 edit
Christmas 2012-77

We had an amazing holiday, full of food and family and fun. The kids were – and are – insanely spoiled, both with STUFF and attention.

I made Bacon and Hash Brown Egg Bake and Blueberry French Toast Casserole on Christmas Eve to put in the oven in the morning and both were delicious. My plans for an actual Christmas meal were thwarted by total laziness (and maybe my “holiday style” hot cocoa starting at 11 am) and we just turned the ham into sandwiches instead. They were FANTASTIC.

My sister is here to visit for a few days and the kids are already madly in love with her. She brought champagne and chocolate and volunteered to babysit on New Year’s Eve so she can stay forever if she wants. I mean, I know her plan WAS to go to Hawaii for a couple weeks and then move to Paris, but I’m offering a very nice guest room, free food and the chance to hang out with two crazy ginger toddlers as much as she wants so we’ll see. It might be an offer she can’t refuse.

I hope you and your families had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. I’ll be on my couch finishing off this bag of candy Santa “forgot” to put in our stockings and Googling “miracle 48-hour juice fast lose 30 pounds today”.