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11 Weeks

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Alternate title of this post: Maybe this time around I’ll actually remember to tag my posts in such a way it doesn’t take me three weeks to find them.

I started this here little bebehblog the day I found out I was pregnant with Baby Evan. I’m actually incredibly thankful for that now, since going back to read about how stuff happened last time is both fun and reassuring. The looking back is NOT so fun when I realize that this is what I looked like at 10-ish weeks during my first pregnancy:

Yeah, in my head, that was a bump. I hate you, past Suzanne.

And now, this is what 11 weeks looks like:

Also for the record, This is actually my other side. I flipped the picture so it was easier to compare. That tattoo is pre-babies.

It’s actually even worse when I wear clothes:

Not a maternity dress. The good news is that dress didn't fit at ALL a few months after I had Baby Evan, so getting into it - especially pregnant - was a happy moment. P.S. I bought it in Paris. I thought you should know. P.P.S. Please ignore the toilet paper holder. Bathroom self portrait.

Important less learned from my previous pregnancy: I’m going to have my maternity photos taken at a much earlier, cuter date instead of waiting for 35+ weeks when I was all swollen and puffy. I lost contact with the girl who did them last time (we were MySpace friends and my account is LONG gone) so if anyone in Connecticut has a recommendation let me know. Although I should mention now I’m not in any position to spend $1200 just for the rights to the digital prints. I learned that lesson the hard way.