Sunday Funday

We had a super busy day planned for Sunday so of course both of my children went completely insane. Caroline woke at 3 am all HAI GUISE I’M HERE LET’S PARTY. We took turns trying to get her back to sleep for two hours, until I gave up and brought her downstairs so I could at least watch TV while she boogied. We were on our second Law & Order rerun when I watched her nod off to sleep sitting on the floor and fall right over onto her head. I’m not gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard. I blame the exhaustion and also the hilarious look on her face.

Luckily, she forgave me and we took a little couch nap before we had to head out to our friend Thomas’s 3rd birthday party.

Unluckily, Little Evan took one look at the karate studio where the party was being held and ran away shouting “NO THANK YOU MAMA NO THANK YOU”. I eventually coaxed him into the room where he stood in a corner fake sobbing (he is TERRIBLE at fake sobbing, which is how I know it is fake) until the instructors got out a giant box of balls and encouraged the kids to throw them at each other. Apparently that’s just too much fun to pass up.

In the mean time, I gave up on trying to keep Caroline in my lap and let her enjoy the party in her own 10 month old way.


Probably not what this guy signed up for when he agreed to work at the party

I can't stop laughing at this face

Pizza makes all his nervousness disappear

Oh! And! Because our attendance was sort of a last minute decision I was scrambling for a 3rd birthday gift. After having awesome success with the glow stick bath tub thing on Saturday night (here’s the whole scoop: turn down the lights and give your kid glow sticks to play with in the tub) I came up with this:

All found at Target in the $1 section or in the baby shampoo aisle. No risk of giving the birthday boy a toy he already has or a piece of junk that breaks after 5 minutes, and hey, every kid takes baths!

After the party we ran home for a quick nap, threw my gnocchi casserole in the oven and headed over to our CSA for an end-of-season potluck.

Evan was obsessed with the apple cider.

Caroline was obsessed with our cups of wine.

Trying to blow out the fire

It was a super fun, super busy, super exhausting, super long day but I can’t really complain. Having too many friends is the kind of problem everyone ought to have.

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8 Responses to “Sunday Funday”

  1. Leah says:

    A padded room for a toddler party… that. is. BRILLIANT!

  2. molly says:

    A lovely Sunday. I love those photos of Caroline on your shoulders.

    I really hope to join a CSA next year. We have family farms that offer it very near our new house.

  3. I totally saw your tweets at all crazy hours on Sunday because we were up taking Noah to the ER. He’s fine (ear infection accompanied by a scarily high fever), but boy is yesterday a blur. Thankfully we all got some good sleep last night.

    I love how polite little E was about not wanting to go in at the party, and Caroline’s face in that one picture is PRICELESS!

  4. Kimberly says:

    This is 3 posts worth of awesome. And the look on Caroline’s face in the pile up pic is priceless :)

  5. Suzanne says:

    I love this post! It just makes me happy.

    And that shot of the guy getting pummeled by a bunch of toddlers? CLASSIC.

  6. Jennie says:

    I love little E blowing out the bonfire! My Jake does that with the grill. “Hot. Hot. Hot, Mommy. Da-eee? HOT!” (insert blowing noise)


  7. PS, looking fabulous lady!!

  8. Liz McLennan says:

    Ok. Ok, here’s the plan. Move here, to Belleville, Canada. There are tons of lovely houses in my ‘hood. Pick one. Come over. Be my friend. Introduce your children to mine (they are affectionately known as “The Reds”)

    Let them take over the world.

    You’ve got some mighty cute gingers there, Mama. And I know cute gingers when I see ’em!

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