Stop and smell the roses

Alternate title: In which I pretend I am a real photographer because I have a tripod and a timer.

Alternate alternate title: Lots of pictures, few words.

The misery in our house continues, to the point when I call the nurse line at my ped’s office, hoping she could write me a prescription for magical baby pills that stop screaming. Or maybe just some Valium. For me, not the screaming child. They had me bring Baby Evan in for the fastest appointment ever (total time from my phone call to home again: 23 minutes) and confirmed he has no ear infection or secret broken bones or prehensile tail growing out his diaper and it is simply teething. Really painful teething, but teething none the less.

In an attempt to distract both of us from some of the misery, I decided to play photographer up at the rose garden. For some reason our town is called “The Rose of New England” (because…people in Connecticut can be kind of prickly and intimidating? We’re all special snowflakes? We smell very strongly?) It’s really a lovely little garden and would be a beautiful spot for a small June wedding, unless of course you wanted people to actually attend, as there is no parking and no seats. Still, pretty flowers!

Baby Evan was fairly cooperative – if adamantly opposed to wearing shoes of any kind – and we had a pretty good time. I even like most of the pictures of myself! Truly a remarkable day here in the Davis household.

The quote is *almost* by Emily Dickinson, only her version is "There came a day at Summer's full, entirely for me". It's not a particularly happy poem, so I don't know who chose/changed it.

That yellow rose is called "Julia Child", which I think makes it my favorite.

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8 Responses to “Stop and smell the roses”

  1. TMae says:

    We don’t need no stinkin’ shoes! :-)

    I hope you get some sleep relief soon. The baby-beast in this house doesn’t sleep, and I would wish that hell on no one.

  2. raincheckmom says:

    What beautiful flowers! And great pictures. You look so calm and happy…hard to believe he’s really king of the wild things at home!

  3. Virginia says:

    I love the pictures. I think I have the same camera that you do. I’m still just learning how to use it. What were the settings you played with in the Garden for those pictures? I’d love to hear whatever tips you can give me from your own experience. (Some of those pictures with you and Baby E together would make a beautiful collage/collection. I love pictures of flowers in a bathroom…so if I had a collection of pictures like those with my own daughter, thats where I would put it! Sorry…TMI!)

    • bebehblog says:

      Do you have the Nikon D90? I luuuurve it, like giant big pink puffy sparkly heart love it. As far as settings, would you believe these are almost all on auto? A few of the close ups are on “A” for aperture preferred (makes the background fuzzy), and the two where the foreground is fuzzy I used manual focus to make sure the baby and I would be the center of the photo but that’s it. I find if I mess with the settings too much I just end up with super overexposed shots or nothing at all in focus. I hope to take a class eventually, to really learn the fancy stuff, but the camera does SUCH a good job it barely needs me!

  4. Wow! you did all that by yourself with a tripod and a timer? I’m impressed!!

    • bebehblog says:

      Well, a tripod, a timer, and a photo editing program to fix all my stupid exposure mistakes. Plus it makes my hair look better.

  5. Michelle says:

    Have you tried Hylands Teething Tablets? I have been using them for Little Man this week and we are calling them his “happy pills”. IDK, it’s worth a shot!

    • bebehblog says:

      I found my lost bottle today, thank God, and have been shoving them in his mouth for hours. Unfortunately, one of the reasons they work so well is they contain caffeine (as a diuretic, to help gum swelling) so I try to avoid them close to bedtime. I REALLY need to get over to Papoose for some camillia. That stuff is magic. And where the hell did I put that teething necklace???

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