Sad Face

I’m kind of depressed tonight. E is on duty, so the dog and I have been watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon for the last…seven hours? Can that be true? Anyways, the list of things I should have done today includes gone to the grocery store, finish putting away the Christmas decorations, and re-wash all the baby clothes the cats have been sleeping on. Guess how many of those things I did?

I didn’t go to the store because it would have meant driving my convertible on roads that are still pretty icy (Great Job CT DOT!) and stopping for gas in 34 degree weather. Plus it’s only the second of the month and I’m already counting the days until E gets paid again. During the holidays we could pretend that we were poor because of Christmas presents, travel, etc. But the raise E got hasn’t really covered what I was bringing in – even working just part time – and unless someone wants to start paying me for this blog we’re looking at some really fancy financial juggling for the next year. So trips to Stop & Shop for arugula and other elitist food is out and cereal for dinner is in.

I didn’t finish putting away the Christmas decorations because I have a pain. I have absolutely no real way to describe or explain this pain, except that it is obviously pregnancy-related. When I want to complain about it, I tell E it’s in my lady-parts, which isn’t exactly true but there is no closer bit of anatomy. The way I described it to the doctor was a stabbing pain when I moved my legs – and her only response was “Yeah, that’s probably going to get worse”. So helpful! I’d like to stretch or strengthen whatever muscle it is that hurts so much but I can’t find it. No amount of rolling around on the floor or flailing my legs around can re-create the pain I get from trying to climb stairs/carry things/get comfortable on the couch/waddle to the bathroom at 2 am.

I haven’t rewashed the baby clothes because I figure there’s so much cat and dog hair in the house already if Baby is allergic I’m pretty much screwed. I did put all the tiny socks and hats and onesies and blankets in a Rubbermaid tote to prevent any future cat-sleeping, but considering I found cat hair inside my dishwasher today, I’m not even sure that will help.

The only happy thing I forgot to report before was BJ’s sells Boppy pillows -with covers- for only $19! The real thing too, not some generic nursing pillow. The one on my registry is $30 plus another $10 for the slipcover. I should probably delete it so I can save some poor relative $20. Oh, and I got my travel system! Yah!! Babies R Us has it on sale, plus they let me use both my 15% off coupon and another $5 off coupon. Combined with Grandma’s Christmas money the whole thing only cost us $28. The very nice cashier told me they have really lax coupon rules, so if I have several 15% off coupons (they send them in the mail all the time) I can use one for each item I buy. So keep the coupons comin’ BRU and I’ll keep running up my credit card bill on adorable baby crap. Next on my list is the crib bedding set.

I guess things aren’t really as depressing as I thought – Baby is kicking away happily, the dog is snoring with his head on my knee, I can see my awesome stroller and car seat from where I sit, and this commercial keeps coming on the television. It makes me ridiculously happy to be pregnant. Prepare your ovaries for assault!


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  1. sarrible says:

    I really hope Lowercase has those fat little baby arms that look like sausages. I love those. Especially with A1 sauce.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    A spot of dirt and a tuft of pet hair won’t hurt the baby, in fact the exposure will probably help his little immune system to develop. Hang in there, everything will work out… :)

  3. lalaland13 says:

    Agree with GreenEye on the baby immunity. In fact, I think I read that if a kiddie is around animals from birth, he’s a lot less likely to be allergic to said animals. I think our dear spicytamale experienced something like that firsthand-the cats were fine, but when they got a dog, the poor kid was allergic as heck.

    I feel you on the money woes. So are you going to have to start working after the baby comes? I hope you can put it off a little bit at least, since a job hunt/new baby is way too much stress.

    But it will be OK. That’s what my mom always told me. She’s generally right, although not always, seeing as she had to file for bankruptcy after the divorce…I’m not helping, am I?

  4. funnyface says:

    I’ll third the baby immunity. My dad the doc always says “babies have magic spit.” He always tells people not to flip out at all the dirt and rocks and crap they get in their mouths, because they are just building immunities and stuff. I hate the way our culture tries to febreeze/purelle/clorox/lysol/antibacterial soap the crap out of everything. No wonder allergies and asthma are on the rise- we’re not getting exposed to enough germs!

    Sorry about the money woes. I’m living in a state of denial about our finances right now, but I think the “we’re making less now” thing is going to have to sink in at some point. I may not be on unemployment anymore, but we’re not going to be able to spend the way we’re used to.

  5. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    That was just wrong by the way.

  6. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    Making me watch that video, I mean.

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