Picky isn’t really a strong enough word

Baby Evan came out of his bout with the flu RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY and unable to find enough dog hair on the floor to solve this problem. So now it’s my problem. Or more specifically, my boobs’ problem (you don’t even want to know how long I spent on that apostrophe – and I’m still not even sure it’s right). Unfortunately, my boobs are still attached to my chest. I never would have thought of that as unfortunate before I had a kid but my, how the world has changed.

Despite the time and money I invested in the make-my-own-baby-food-plan the baby refuses to play along and actually eat any of it. I’ve mentioned before (and before and before ) how uninterested he is in solids, but I always figured the time would come when he was ready. I figured the time would come at 7 months, and at 8 months, and at 9 months…and now at almost 10 months I’m done figuring. I give up on baby food. That’s right folks, I am not feeding my baby ANY MORE BABY FOOD.

Before you call Child Protective Services, let me explain my NEW plan. It’s NEW, in all caps, so you know it must be good. Well, not new like just invented. Just NEW to Baby Evan and his tired, sore, milk-less mother.

NEW PLAN: Baby-Led Weaning. (For the record, not really weaning – there’s no reduction of milk/formula. I think the creator is British or something and you know how they are with their crazy baby words like “cot” and “push chair”.)

I don’t remember where I first heard about BLW but now I’ve heard of it everywhere. On the interwebs, in my parenting magazines, on the interwebs, from moms I know and trust, on the interwebs. So I finally checked it out and discovered…we already do it. Basically, Baby-Led Weaning is just giving babies baby-sized portions of adult foods. So if you’re having pasta for dinner, you give the baby some pasta. If you’re having tacos for dinner you give the baby avocado and tortillas. If you’re having cereal for dinner you give the baby a banana. Not mushed and pureed and fed with a spoon, just cut up so baby can feed himself (Or not even cut up – Google it for the scientific, no jokes details and safety info on choking and stuff). I started doing it because I was tired of putting a ton a work into preparing baby food just to dump it all down the drain when Baby Evan really just wanted what was on my plate. So basically, laziness. But it turns out I’m not the only lazy mom out there, so it’s LEGITIMATE laziness.

So far the BLW has gone a lot better than the pureed baby food but I still don’t think the baby is actually EATING. My suspicions are based on a) the fact he nursed every half hour all day yesterday and b) THIS:

Oh hey, I just discovered gravity and it's super fun!

That mess on the floor is dinner: an entire banana and 3/4 of an avocado. It landed exactly where lunch (half a mango) did a few hours earlier. My dog is now eating better quality, more nutrient rich food than most human beings. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

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6 Responses to “Picky isn’t really a strong enough word”

  1. afteriris says:

    ooh ooh! I am one one of those crazy British women! I say ‘push chair’!

    I am also a fan of baby led weaning. I give Moe a couple of spoons of mush at the beginning of the meal and then he’s on his own. I did the same with Ava and I now I still refuse to cajole her in to eating, much to the bemusement of my mother-in-law. I figure she’ll eat if she’s hungry.

    With both kids BLW just made/ makes mealtimes so much more relaxed and fun. And it’s easy. And I’m a fan of anything that makes life with small children easier.

  2. andrea says:

    This picture resembles my kitchen during meal-time: food on the floor, no food whatsoever on the high-chair table and a baby who thinks eating food is a joke. I wish we had a dog!

  3. sarrible says:

    You were correct on the apostrophe. Well done. Although I’m a little peeved at Evan for wasting all that lovely avocado. Send it to me if he won’t eat it.

  4. Brigid Keely says:

    How is he with crunchy stuff like toast (buttered or not) and/or cheerios? He might not be fond of mushy/slimy textures.

  5. This makes so much sense. I mean…when baby wants to eat actual food he’ll figure it out. Ivy’s always been a really good eater, like the first time we fed her rice cereal she was all popping her lil mouth open for it after the first few spoon fulls. She’s pretty adventurous too, although I did have to disguise peas after several failed attempts.

  6. Merin says:

    We have been all about baby-led weaning since Sarah mentioned it at BF group a couple of weeks ago, and it has made ALL the difference. Like everything else, Cora is super independent and particular about eating. She was doing great for like, a week, and then she wanted no part of the spoon (except for flinging), high chair, bib-the whole bit. And forget it if the dogs were nearby-she would just hold out her hand or spoon and coax them to come a little closer for a taste. Really frustrating since I have a freezer full of farm-fresh, made-by-me-with-love pureed baby food. But now, as long as she has one or two things that she can grab and chew, she is much more amenable to the whole process. She will even start taking the spoon again (herself, of course) and eating some of the pureed food…which is now pretty much freezer-burnt. One day last week she ate an entire half of an avocado herself (fortunately I had not dressed her yet). It is a mess for sure but much more for everyone!

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