Party Over

You remember how in college the school gave you a couple days off before final exams – presumably to study but everyone just used those days to drink as much as possible? And how on the last night before your 9 am Bio practical that girl on your floor with the cute friends invited you to a super-awesome party her friend Mike was throwing at his parent’s beach house? You didn’t want to seem really lame so you figured it wouldn’t hurt to go for a while. It started out fun. There was even a cute guy who kept checking you out (although he might have just been looking at your boobs). But the guy you came with ended up getting totally stoned and passed out. And then your friend tried to do four tequila shots in a row and threw up on you. So now it’s 3 am and you’re sticky and smelly, you’re pissed at your friend, you have no way to leave this really loud party and you know you’re not going to get any sleep at all before your exam?

Do that every night for a month and you’ll be where I am.

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