Not Hard, Just Not Fun

The upside to being an everyday-life type of blogger is you don’t have to go out of your way to have things to write about. Maybe I drag my heavy camera around more than I would if I wasn’t a blogger. There are things we wouldn’t be invited to if it weren’t for the blog, so those are definitely a perk. And I do love the community of people I’ve met through the internet – not to mention my mom would be devastated if I stopped.

The downside to being an everyday-life type of blogger is when your everyday-life is boring and exceptionally every-day-like you have nothing worth writing about. Or if your kids are being total terrors – again – and you don’t want to turn into the person who writes constantly about how HARD her life is you have no content. And sometimes you let your desire to have adorable, bloggable pictures get in the way of common sense and good judgement and feel like a pretty crappy mom for a few days. On those days, it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that the internet is just a series of tubes and if you go to bed early instead of editing Halloween pictures no one is going to hate you. (Plus also it’s OK if your pictures don’t look like a professional magazine shoot, since you were taking photos of actual moving children in the dark instead of models on a well-lit set.)

It’s surprisingly easy to let blogging for fun become less than fun sometimes, so please excuse a little rambling while I try to make it fun again without forcing it to be fun. No one wins when I turn into that mom.

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5 Responses to “Not Hard, Just Not Fun”

  1. Carol Davis says:

    Your mom wouldn’t be the only one devastated if you quit writing:)

  2. Kristi says:

    I get this 100%. I don’t post that often but sometimes I wish I had more to write about but I don’t. It’s quality not quantity…and I think you quality is pretty great! I am guessing most of us got not so great pictures last night…candy overloaded kids move fast!

  3. Veronica says:

    Exactly and who are you doing it for? If it’s for you then why not write about the everyday? Might seem mundane but in a few years when your kids are growing up you’ll love these little reminders. And ya. The pictures. lol I’ve got a pile of 2K to sort through. Meh. They’ll be there tomorrow :)

  4. barbra says:

    Write about what you want to write about. I am simply along for the ride as a reader. Only do what you can do. You wear so many hats. If you need a break or can’t post so often, do it. I personally would rather suffer a break or fewer posts if it means you don’t abandon the blog (not saying that I think this is what you are hinting at).

    For me, I enjoy your blog not because of the exciting things you do (although there is a fair amount of that – Sesame Place and New York play date come to mind). I enjoy it because of the quality of your writing. You have an amazing ability to take the every-day things and turn it into a beautiful, engaging and interesting story to read. Stories that I identify with. So, do what you need to do to keep going. Your mom is certainly not the only one that would be devastated if you stopped.

    For my own blog, I am down to monthly photo posts right now. And the photos aren’t even edited. It’s either get them on the blog as is, or not at all. And my readers (all ten of them) appreciate that.

  5. Alena says:

    This is why I am trying to get in to writing every day. So the pressure isn’t there to write AMAZING stuff. Which is how I feel A LOT of the time. Like I don’t write often, so when I write it better be GREAT. But sometimes there’s just not GREAT things to write about. #fact

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