Nesting. In the basement, apparently.

I was going to spend today being obscenely lazy, maybe writing a few long rambling blog posts, maybe taking Little Evan down to the Aquarium, maybe getting a Starbucks, maybe lying on the couch eating bonbons – you know, basically living the stay-at-home-mom life my husband THINKS I live every day.

Instead I woke up at 7 am with my heart pounding and dozens of to-do lists racing through my head. The reality of being 10 weeks away from a newborn hit me like a ton of bricks and suddenly the dog hair under the couch and the dishes in the sink seemed like national tragedies instead of just the life I’ve been comfortably living. Oh no, the guest towels haven’t been bleached! The Christmas wrapping paper isn’t organized! The paint cans in the basement aren’t sorted by color!! HOW CAN I BRING A LIFE INTO THAT KIND OF WORLD!?!?!!

My goal for today is to cross enough crazy off my brand new nesting to-do list that I still have time for a Starbucks. And maaaaaybe a quick trip down to the baby store in Mystic that sells UppaBaby strollers.

Because I simply CANNOT have a baby until I have a double stroller. Preferably a ridiculously overpriced one.

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  1. Megan says:


    I’m sure you’ve seen it since you’ve been around the mommy block before (that sounds like I’m calling you a bad name, but I’m not), but have you seen the Kolcraft Contours Options strollers? I was DYING for a super expensive stroller until I saw it. And they make a double one too. And people online seem to love them. It feels like an expensive stroller, but it isn’t! Ok, thats all I’ve got.

    • bebehblog says:

      E is probably jumping up and down reading this. That’s the stroller he wants us to get. And I admit, it IS really nice – every time I see it in person I think “oooo fancy stroller!” but it’s definitely a more reasonable price. But it’s so LONG. And also, it’s ALWAYS a double.

  2. Other Erin says:

    Is it weird I get that feeling every few months and I’m not pregnant? Only change “bring a child into” to “exist in”.

  3. bellegourmande says:

    When our baby was born (I just accidentally typed brown–ha!) my SIL offered to buy us a stroller. We weren’t sure yet which one we wanted but didn’t want to tell her, “Oh, we’ll let you know in a few months” because that felt awkward. So we got a Bumbleride Indie, which I now totally want to replace with an Uppababy. I have used the Indie a total of 7 times. In 4.5 months. I thought I wanted a stroller I could run with but as it turns out, I prefer running alone, when someone is able to watch the baby. And my ‘hood is full of killer hills that pushing a stroller up while running is, frankly, murder to my legs. I am hoping someone on craigslist here in Seattle will buy the Indie from me so I can put it in my secret Uppababy fund. Even though the Uppababy is heavier than the Indie. And I live on the third floor–with no elevator. And my husband keeps pointing out all the reasons not get one. That we should just get a Maclaren or something instead. But the Uppababy can face you or face out! The baby sits higher up than in other strollers! You can add more kids to it!

    I usually get my way. BUT I also have this problem where I want something really badly and then as soon as I buy it I am over it.

    SO, I am curious to see if you get an Uppababy and if you like it. Specifically if it works well with two kids. These facts will be most helpful to me on my quest to own one. ;)

    • TMae says:

      The Indie was my second first-choice stroller. I loved the colors. But I have LOVED that the UPPAbaby faces in or out more than I can say. In my anal retentive little world I needed to SEE the baby when he was little.

      Cupholders on the UPPAbaby suck…but I’ve learned to deal with that.

    • bebehblog says:

      I LOVE the look of the Bumblerides (the orange and blue? SWOON), and I know a lot of mamas who have the Indie Double on their wish-lists but I’m not convinced I want a side-by-side – I’ve seen too many frustrated moms trying to break up fights between kids strapped next to each other. With the Uppa, they can face so many different ways! You can buy a running board so it works with THREE kids! What’s not to love?!

      • bellegourmande says:

        Girl, you are preaching to the choir! Now If only I could sell my Indie and get my husband on board with the Uppababy……

        (ps I just looked at that Kolcraft stroller on-line and it does look like a fancy stroller. But it is really long.)

  4. TMae says:

    You won’t regret the UPPAbaby. Super versatile, super maneuverable (one hand? No problem!), um…super cute, and not any bigger than most singles. WIN! I was tortured by the purchase when we made it. I spent months convincing myself that we needed it, and then I decided I was insane and resigned myself to whatever I could find on sale at Babies R Us. And then the husband jumped on the UPPAbaby train and decided it would be the best thing ever. And it totally has been.

    Think of the possibilities: baby in the car seat attachment, E in the jump seat. Or baby in the bassinet, E in the jump seat. Or baby in the fully reclined stroller seat (it works! she’ll be all snugged in) and E in the jump seat, until you decide to put the baby in the moby and E decides he wants to ride in the stroller seat… (and sales pitch over.)

    Almost makes me want another kid. Almost… :-)

    • bebehblog says:

      So what you’re saying is: If I know of a local store having a 20% off sale that has the orange Uppa and the jump seat in stock RIGHT NOW I should drive down there and buy it. Along with maybe a cup holder attachment.

  5. So, I’m not a big stroller person…but man, did I clean like hell when babe #2 was comin’. It was insane. And, god forbid I found filth somewhere in the house….

    If pregnant momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, was my motto.

  6. Swistle says:


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