My Week(95) in iPhone Photos

You know what the cure for a sad-for-myself kind of week is? A so-busy-I-barely-sleep week.


Daddy attack!

Jam thief

He is very suspicious of those blue things in his pancakes. Mommy never does anything that fancy.


Evan: Uh, Mom? Someone took a bite of this Styrofoam apple. Caroline: My bad.

Dropping off some more money for safekeeping at the marina. Too bad they don’t ever give it back.

Don’t hold my hand Mommy, I’m a big kid.


Caroline’s new favorite book: The Sailor Dog

He insisted I buy the BIG carrots and couldn’t even wait until we got home to eat them.

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my empty uterus crying.


My nice healthy lunch – before Caroline stole it and ate the whole thing.

Peek a boo

Where we go when the kids request the aquarium at 6 pm.



That’s Caroline’s “WTF Whale?” face

Peace out, Connecticut!

Friday (Sesame Place!):

Helping a friend

Elmo’s World Live was the best day of her life (also, proof I didn’t actually torture her the ENTIRE weekend.)

I command you to buy season passes! (OK)


This was the farthest away the characters were for this entire show – usually they were literally touching distance.

Hot, super tired baby did NOT like her beloved TV characters 7 feet tall.

We accidentally watched the parade for the 3rd time. Now I will NEVER get the song out of my head.

Despite Caroline being pretty miserable for large chunks of the trip we had an amazing time with Kim and her boys. I’ve already decided we’re going back ASAP. But after playing “family of four” all weekend I might be rethinking this third/fourth baby situation.

Oh wait, I just went to link with Amy and the pictures of her tiny, squishy newborn made me totally forget all the hard parts of my week. Carry on with plans to expand the ginger army (eventually).

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3 Responses to “My Week(95) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Audrey says:

    You took your kids to Sesame Place. *sigh* I have been wanting to take Ev there for a couple years, but Christopher is not a theme park person and I can’t convince him it’s a good idea if it is anything outside of Ohio. Curse him! Maybe one day.

    On another note, if you want our babies to remain in similar age better get moving on #3. Just sayin’.

  2. Shari says:

    Sesame Place! I live less than a half hour from there and have such fond memories of going as a child. Glad to see it’s still just as great a place! :)

  3. Emily says:

    I think we’re going to Sesame Place sometime this Fall. These pictures confirmed it. :)

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