My Week(71) in iPhone Photos

I’m not actually here because, oh, have I mentioned? I’m going on a cruise. The Ruby Princess to Princess Cay, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and Grand Turk with two days at sea for nothing but drinking relaxing. My folks are here in Connecticut watching the kids, the pets and the house so don’t bother trying to rob us. And my brother is at THEIR house, so no robbing in Virginia either. You can go ahead and rob my brother though, since a) he’s like 22, he owns nothing of value and b) I don’t actually know where he lives. True story. I’m not a very good sister.


Waiting at the spa for my very, uh, personal appointment

Totally engrossed in a super hero movie

Someone REALLY liked the (plain, greek) yogurt


We left the house early so I could get a giant coffee - which means the kids get a bagel for breakfast

Eating the grapes while I'm trying to check out. She's OBSESSED.

I'm hoping a picture taped to the window will stop Mr. Cardinal from trying to bash his little birdy brains out all day.


Brutus: I didn't do it!

Blushes: Your photo taking it disturbing my nap

This kid sleeps through ANYTHING when he's couch napping


Foot war!!!

YEP. I ate them all.

Evil baby is evil


Yoda baby is the cutest

Are we gonna shake some crap or what?

Look, Ma, warm weather! What is that giant blue thing over my head?!


A week ago she hated those things. Now she's a bag-a-day addict.

Emergency pre-vacation pedicure

There's a little Caroline on the menu tonight (BA-DUM-CHING)

Even though I’m cruuuuuuising, dahling, I scheduled a few posts to go up this week so you wouldn’t miss me. Or more accurately, so my mom won’t go into blog-withdrawal and get so bored she accidentally scrubs all the grout out of my kitchen tiles. My parents don’t really know what “sitting still” means (which is good, with two toddler to watch). I, on the other hand, plan to have moss growing on my north side by Wednesday. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Evil baby is adorable. Maybe she was just making cabbage {patch} soup.

  2. Sarah-Anne says:

    your pets look like my pets. cra-zay.

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