My Week(62) in iPhone Photos

I had too much on my plate this week to do a good job with my photos. This is why I don’t ever join those 365 projects – if the best I can do some days is a blurry photo of what I had for breakfast there is no way I can handle much more. We spent 2 days stuck at home with a broken car and one day stuck at home because of naps – I swear at least one person in the house was sleeping all day on Saturday – but hopefully next week we’ll do more fun things. Evan has been totally obsessed with The Fishy Movie, so maybe we’ll go to the aquarium and find some Nemos.


She rips off the bib so she just eats naked now.

I'm kissing her, she's kissing the baby in the phone

Lego basketball


Laying on the floor at Stroller Strides, avoiding doing more plank

Sriracha makes even organic vegan miso ramen delicious

She's reading that book by osmosis


Goal setting at Stroller Strides - now I have real life friends to hold me accountable!

She's a social media expert already

Someone got out of bed and into trouble


Send help

Grocery shopping. I bought way too much healthy stuff.

Cowls are so hot right now. Check out my new toddler neck warmer.


You would think a blind person picked out her clothes, but no, I did.

What, you think the angel gets to just sit on her ass all year after Christmas?

She's extremely fast when she's half naked.


Diet yet delicious - egg beaters, carn balance tortilla, sriracha, blueberries, coffee with skim milk and sugar free vanilla syrup

Nap time project

Evan asked please so nicely - and it was on clearance


Donut shaped donut machine. Delicious.

Whatcha doin' Mama?

Geeze, does that kid EVER wear normal clothes?!

Air-poppeded popcorn sprinkled with parmesan. Perfect.

┬áThe rest of the weekend will be spent doing dishes and laundry, since somehow I didn’t manage to do enough of those things during the week and I’m practically buried in them. HOW do two small people get so many things so dirty? Hopefully next week all the people and all the cars will be healthy and we take our mess somewhere I don’t have to clean it all up.

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5 Responses to “My Week(62) in iPhone Photos”

  1. Cheri says:

    I MISS you!!!!! I also have Carolines birthday gift! cody was just saying today he wanted to go to the aquarium this next week. (He has a week of leave left still!) I hope to see you soon!!

  2. Lou Lou says:

    good luck with your stroller strides goals!

  3. sarrible says:

    My friend’s niece calls The Fishy Movie “Hunting Nemo.” Which lends an interesting new character to the film, I think.

  4. I love your pictures EVEN MORE now that I have taken your house tour and know where everything is. Also, sometimes we STILL feed Adriana naked. So much easier that way.

  5. MomEinstein says:

    Love your weekly pic post. You make even the boring things seem fun. My days go a lot like yours, minus the working out.

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