My Week(49) in iPhone Photos

E had this past week off, but instead of doing tons of super fun stuff I made a list of every single I-should-really-get-that-done-but-I’m-exhausted-from-chasing-the-kids chore I’ve been putting off for the past 3 years and started crossing them off. Hang pictures! Sort clothes! Organize the attic AND the basement! Get a new eyeglasses prescription! Wind and store all the yarn I’ve been hiding behind the elliptical trainer in the guest room! Do ALL the laundry!

I’ve got today and tomorrow to finish the rest of the list plus give the house a once-over cleaning, decorate for Halloween and finally make the loaf of almond bread and the pear-gorgonzola tart I’ve had bookmarked for weeks.


What do you MEAN this is the only picture you took all day? I'm freakin' ADORABLE!


Friends who hold your baby enough that your baby likes them are the best friends

Dino nuggets taste way better than regular nuggets. Just ask my toddler.

I restarted C25K and felt like I was going to die


Second to last CSA pick up makes me a sad panda

Giant carrot for lunch. Gotta keep that hair orange.

Obviously, she's mine

Day 1 of act like a grown up and take care of my skin. I even bought EYE CREAM.


Breakfast of Champions: egg wrap-up with hot sauce, banana, Diet Dr. Pepper

Sleepy girl

Epic Michael's trip for Halloween decor. I decided the terrifying skeletons would be a poor choice for a kid's party.


I patched, sanded, and painted the walls going up the stairs.

Pair on the left cost $300. Pair on the right was free. I got both.

Picture gallery on the upstairs stairs


I thought this baby looked like Caroline so I bought this book. I'm going to knit the crap out of that sweater.

Chilling at the yarn store

The ice cream stand was shockingly uncrowded on a Friday night. Maybe because it was only 60 degrees out.


Stop lookin' at my waffles like that.

My friend from @CostaFarms sent me a giant box of houseplants because she thought I'd like them. My goal is to keep them alive at least a week.

Bye-bye Back-yard-gans! Sing song! Bye-bye!

Time to go finish knitting Caroline’s fall coat, bake, mop the floors, play legos with my kid, catch up on this week’s TV and read all my friend’s blogs that I’ve been neglecting all week. I’m looking forward to all of it.

Did you take any camera phone photos this week? Link up with one or lots using the linky below and grab the code (so it shows on your blog too!) over at Amy’s . It’s really fun!

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  1. Lovely week! Dino nuggets are super duper tasty!

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