My Week(103) in iPhone Photos

The Internet hates my blog tonight, so I’m attempting this from my phone. It’s not going well so far.


This hotel is lame, when are we going back to Sesame Place?


Not a fan of standing in lines to ride the carousel.


Sir Elmo defeated the dragon by breaking him in half

Teething baby’s sad face is contagious

Her rat-tail is getting out of control, but I don’t have the heart to cut it.


I actually really enjoyed this tea. I don’t know who I am anymore.

9 am Icee so I can run errands in peace. Mother of the year.

She insisted on being wrapped up all day.


I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to do it, Caroline.

What’s that? I’m NOT supposed to be back here? OOPS, MY BAD.

Is there something on my face?


Who wants to come over and sing Beauty and the Beast songs while I practice playing piano?

Holy cow, Connecticut is scenic sometimes

Very pleased with her apple.


Doing very important toddler work.

Fake ice cream with fake chocolate chips is fake satisfying.

This table is trippy, man.

I have adorable Saturday pictures too, but am not talented enough to upload them on a screen I can barely see. I’m apparently 75 years old. GET OFF MY LAWN.

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8 Responses to “My Week(103) in iPhone Photos”

  1. FourInchHeels says:

    I have that Beauty and the Beast book! Or a harder/easier version ….. they’re such pretty arrangements! You have excellent taste, m’lady.

  2. Liz says:

    Okay so what is fake ice cream w/ fake chocolate chips?? lol. Guessing soy ice cream … but fake chocolate chips?? I’m intrigued. :P

    • bebehblog says:

      The ice cream is just a frozen banana turned into mush in the food processor – it’s ALMOST sort of a little bit like eating crappy frozen yogurt (but it’s actually not a terrible way to eat dessert – it’s just NOT ICE CREAM.) I guess the chocolate chips ARE real chocolate, but they’re the fancy non-dairy Enjoy Life ones that don’t taste QUITE like real chocolate.

  3. Megan T Beach says:

    I was coming to ask the exact thing, Liz! Yeah, what’s fake ice cream? I need to know!

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  5. Amy says:

    I got the death glare from some super bitchy lady about a pre-lunch icee. I say whatever, it’s better than screaming.

  6. Oh geeze. Teething baby! Unsatisfyingly healthy ice cream is such an unsatisfying balm for that kind of pain.

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