Making Progress – 18 weeks to go!

I am still totally unprepared for the giving birth situation as well as the practical parts of having a child to care for – i.e. clothes, diapers, bedding, a nursery in various stages of being painted – but now those things have moved from the “to do” list to the “OMG URGENT YOU TERRIBLE MOTHER” list. The moment that really caused panic was as we were leaving the hospital the other night, my lovely nurse said “Take care of yourself, and we’ll see you again in a few weeks to have this baby!” Gah.

So today I finished all the trim, taped the moldings and spackled the nail holes in the nursery. I think we’re going with the middle color in this picture. We’ll go get the paint tomorrow:

img_1522 The one on the right is called “Sweet Baby Boy” but I am resisting my desire to pick a color based entirely on the name (I have a bad habit of doing this: nail polish is my weakness. For my wedding I wore “Happily Ever After”) Keep in mind the wall is already green, so the colors look less bright in comparison. Plus the furniture is all going to be cherry, so we need a bold color as a backdrop. Oh and here’s one of the things from the nursery bedding set:

img_1523 Very pirate-y as opposed to just nautical. I think the middle blue will bring out the color in the sails instead of just matching the sky or the water, plus it will make the room’s white trim pop. Yes I am definitely over thinking this situation, no I do not care.

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  1. stacyinbean says:

    I am definitely with you on the middle paint though Sweet Baby Boy would be hard for me to walk away from…

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