Lake House Photos (But Not The Usual)

I’m taking a class with Clickin Moms right now, to work on my lifestyle photography. It’s only been a week but I love all the stuff I’ve learned so far – and the critique of my work really is priceless. Having a place where people tell me I’m NOT super good at taking pictures is amazing, since nothing but positive feedback doesn’t help me grow.

But not here. Here, please continue to tell me I’m amazing and talented and have the cutest kids in the world.

(Not true, please always feel free to tell me if there’s something you think I could work on. I appreciate it.)

lake of the woods virginia web-38

lake of the woods virginia web-39

lake of the woods virginia web-40

lake of the woods virginia web-41

lake of the woods virginia web-42

lake of the woods virginia web-43

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2 Responses to “Lake House Photos (But Not The Usual)”

  1. Denae says:

    Yay for new classes! Personally I think these are under exposed unless you were going for the sad, locked in a basement look – in that case bravo for evoking emotion in art. Also the ones with her legs are too close to centered. Rule of thirds and all that. I would move her knees a tad to the left and not throw the foreground so out of focus to create a stronger line for the bench and lead the eye across the photo better. Love the white/light tabletop ones tho. The reflected Caroline is a subtle but nice touch.

  2. Amy says:

    Do you require your critique in comment sandwich form? I like the stool/feet shots. The bandage makes them perfect.

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