Lake House 2013

I know posting more pictures is kind of ridiculous, but I have twofold reasons. One, I like putting them here online so even if my house burned down I’d have SOME of my photos on the interwebs. Plus technically this blog is my kids’ scrapbook, and I don’t want to leave out their first summer and Mormor and Bumpa’s new lake house. Two, I have done too much stuff in the past month and it finally caught up with me. I have a list of pains longer than my arm and absolutely no energy to deal with anything. I barely have the energy to convert my photos into JPGs anymore, let alone edit them the way I should.

It’s ridiculous that I am complaining about doing TOO MUCH FUN STUFF and that photo editing it cutting into my busy Candy Crush playing schedule, but that’s me. I’m Suzanne. I’m ridiculous. But these are the last of my epic road trip vacation photos, so from now on you just get mini-vacation posts. So much better!

p.s. Also, it is 2013. I know the title said “2012” all morning, but that was probably just your imagination. Clearly I know it’s 2013 by now, considering it’s June. July. I meant July.

lake house resize-5

lake house resize-11

My dad’s childhood tackle box – he still uses it.

lake house resize-149

lake house resize-16
lake house resize-45

lake house resize-53

If you put her in a bathing suit, she wouldn’t go near the water. But in her clothes? Totally soaked.

lake house resize-13

He did not catch any fish.

lake house resize-62

lake house resize-70

lake house resize-81

lake house resize-84

lake house resize-92

lake house resize-103

lake house resize-108

lake house resize-115

My mother is going to hate this picture, but I love it SO MUCH I don’t even care. Could they look any happier?!

lake house resize-120

lake house resize-135

lake house resize-139

lake house resize-143

lake house 2-10

lake house 2-11

lake house 2-9

Old House Vineyards (not actually PART of the Lake House. Just nearby.)

lake house 2-5

lake house 2-15

lake house 2-21

lake house 2-23

lake house 2-25

lake house 2-32

lake house 2-35

lake house 2-38

lake house 2-39

lake house 2-47

lake house 2-54

lake house 2-58

lake house 2-60

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6 Responses to “Lake House 2013”

  1. Betsy says:

    Summers on a lake are my FAVORITE memories of all time. Looks like a blast. I’m missing our cabin in MN now

  2. Kristi says:

    Those look great and the lake house looks awesome! I would be there all summer! Your kids always look so happy! :)

  3. They are just too cute for words…thankfully you have all of these photos to do the talking. :)

  4. Barbra says:

    Beautiful. What wonderful memories for your kiddos.

  5. Audrey says:


  6. Love these photos, looks like you had a great time, such a beautiful place to take the kids to.

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