Knocked Up

Today you get the long version.

E and I have always planned on more than one kid, although we’ve never actually decided how many. I’m one of three, so I think three sounds good. He’s one of four, and insists middle children always turn out weird so we have to have an even number. My original “plan” to “plan” on kids 15 or 16 months apart flew right out of my crazy-ass brain the second I went into labor with Baby Evan but the further I got from the actual birthing event the sooner I thought maybe I’d like to do it again. So when I couldn’t remember to take my mini-pill I didn’t sweat it. Besides, I’ve only had one period and one almost-period since June 2008 thanks to breastfeeding full time – nature’s child spacing, if you want to be a hippie about it. But just like EVERYONE TOLD ME, nursing is not a foolproof method of preventing pregnancy and so here I am. Although if I’m being totally honest, I would say we were trying to get pregnant harder than we were trying not to. Believe it or not, nosey cow at the blood-draw lab, I DO know where babies come from and how to keep it from happening. And this one happened on purpose.

I decided I was pregnant about two weeks ago, right around my own birthday. I didn’t base my suspicions on any medical facts or actual symptoms – just my own intuition. I mean, I don’t want to sound like a crazy person, but I could just sense that I wasn’t alone in my body anymore. Although when I say it like that it sounds INCREDIBLY CREEPY. I had a few moments of heartburn, a little light headedness and a tiny bit of nausea but not any more than I’ve had every other time I’ve imagined I was pregnant. I suppose my biggest clue was my milk supply seems to have decreased a little – not enough to starve my child to death but I’m definitely not going to be wet nursing any stray babies people leave on my doorstep. I think right now my biggest fear is that this pregnancy is going to ruin my nursing relationship with Baby Evan – either because my milk dries up or because I can’t handle sharing my body with TWO babies – and that makes me want to cry. We worked so hard to make nursing work, it’s not fair to take away his favorite thing in the world. At least I still have some time to figure all that out.

Since I don’t know when I was ovulating, I really don’t know how far along I am. My best guess is I conceived at the end of March, although it could be as early as February. I had the same problems getting a test to register my knocked-upped-ness as I did when I was first pregnant with Baby Evan, so I think convincing myself I’m probably already 5 or 6 weeks along is just going to end up being disappointing when I go in for my 10 week ultrasound and I’m only at 5 weeks. Unfortunately, instead of wanting to see me SOONER to determine my stage of pregnancy my OB scheduled my first visit for JUNE 2ND. JUUUUUUNE SEEEEECOOOOOND. That’s a ridiculous amount of time to wait to find out a due date. How am I supposed to start counting down the seconds if I have no idea how many seconds to count?

So there you go. Bebehblog is now going to be Bebehsblog (not technically, don’t change you bookmarks or anything drastic) and I’m going to be a mother of 2. Oh crap.

p.s. Any suggestions for what to call Baby #2 while we wait to find out what he/she is? I never managed to come up with something cute for Baby Evan,

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  1. Congratulations! That’s so exciting!

  2. brigidkeely says:

    We had The Talk about when/if to have another kid, and we’re putting that on hold and will revisit it in six months. So yes, I _am_ going to be living vicariously through you a bit. Hooray!

  3. Other Erin says:

    For clarification, did they refuse to see you at all until 6/2 or just to do the ultrasound?
    Or to they just tell you not to do drugs and take your vitamins over the phone and hope for the best?

  4. MKP says:

    Maybe it’s too cutsy, but I like the symmetry of an S name, since right now your household is 2/3 Evan.

    Are you going to want to find out the sex or have it be a surprise this time?

  5. TMae says:

    Babies are so exciting! Congratulations.

  6. bebehblog says:

    Erin – They won’t see me AT ALL until June 2nd. I had to stop by the doctor’s for paperwork and they wrote me a refill on my vitamins, gave me a handout on remedies for morning sickness, and wished me luck until June.

  7. lalaland13 says:

    Congrats on another baby! If the current baby gives you trouble on the nursing, tell him the bright side is that he gets a sibling to hit with a spatula! Or better yet, do an edgy cooking show with: Cooking and Violence with Baby Evan and his TBA Sibling.

  8. Amanda (breamworthy) says:


    I am watching keenly for ideas on what to call the baby before you call it a real name. I’m almost 9 weeks, and so far I have come up with *nothing*, which seems to drive my sister-in-law crazy. A friend of mine called hers “sprog”, which isn’t bad. Someone suggested “flotsam” to me, but I can’t do it because although I’ve never been superstitious in my life, apparently I am now that I’m pregnant. Flotsam has connotations for me of something floating unconnected to anything else, and that kind of freaks me out. It’s cute, but I just can’t do it.

  9. I have no doubt that you can handle two kids. My sister can do it and she is a SAHM married to a guy with a somewhat irregular schedule as well. I have no idea HOW she does it because we aren’t in the same time zone but it’s possible.

  10. AHEM, E! I’m a middle child and I’m not weird! Well… maybe a little…
    My advice on middle children, if you have three? Lots of special attention. The oldest is always the “smart one” and the youngest is always the “cute one,” so find something special about the middle and give him/her attention for it.

    Also, on naming the growing bebeh: one acquaintance calls hers “turtle,” and a family member is calling hers “pod,” as in “pea in the pod.”

  11. Annika says:

    Congratulations!! I had a plan of having kids close together, but it blew out of the window, when i realised i wanted to give more one-on-one time to my son and have him grow up a bit more. Now having trouble to conceive through to thyroid problems :)

    I love baby names and I would suggest Ethan, Ellie, Ava, Aden, Colin :)

  12. Other Erin says:

    I really hope they don’t give that kind of treatment to first time mothers…I’m sure you’ll be fine though.

    Also, that backpack from th March of Dimes looks awesome…even for carrying non-babies.

  13. bebehblog says:

    Erin – It’s the same practice as the first time and yeah, it’s kind of standard. I mean, it seems crazy to be pregnant and not have a medical professional telling you what to do or checking up on you but since the first 8 weeks are so perilous (many pregnancies end on their own, if you’re off by even a few days there’s not really anything to see on an ultrasound anyway) it doesn’t make sense to start medical care too early. I shocked me even more the first time – how come no one’s telling me what to DO? WHY DO THEY THINK I’M RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR THIS?!
    This time I’m just pissed I don’t get a due date until June.

  14. Christa says:

    Awesome! I went in the opposite direction – I couldn’t remember that stupid pill, so I went and got myself an IUD. But it’d probably going to come out in August or so.

  15. Aunt Katie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so excited for you. (and Evan I guess) But mostly you!!!

  16. Barbra says:

    Congratulations!!!! I just started following your blog, and I love it! I’m currently expecting my first in mid-November. It’s nickname is “Squid”. because my husband thinks it looks like one! As for the dr thing, it is pretty standard I think. I just saw my doc for the first time last week at 10 weeks along. You can ask for two blood tests, 48 hours apart to get the hcg number – that will give you rough estimate of gestation age and doesn’t require a visit to the doctor.

    good luck!! waiting for 6 weeks for my appt was the hardest thing

  17. Londonmum says:

    Suzanne, only catching up on reading my favourite blogs now! Very excited for you!! How lovely to have number 2 on the way. We called our baby Biscuit while we were waiting for him to arrive in the world. Neither of us can remotely remember why we landed on Biscuit but that’s what stuck. Maybe it’s because I ate so many bloomin’ cookies while I was in the last trimester. It’s a wonder he didn’t turn out looking like a biscuit! Waiting till June for your due date must be so infuriating!!

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