I'm so conflicted

Today, I sold a little piece of my soul and joined a wholesale club. BJ’s to be exact, since it’s the only one around. I then spent 90 minutes walking around going “Look they have St. Ives Apricot Scrub! In six packs!” and “Wow, look at the giant cans of olive oil! For $17!!” and “Is that really a ten pound bag of M&M’s?”

Our next purchase is going to have to be an extra freezer for the basement so I have somewhere to keep my giant bags of mini-quiches and jalapeno poppers. And of course some shelves for diapers and baby wipes, which is the real reason we joined.

I feel like I should just give in and buy a minivan and one of those soccer magnets. Or is the short haircut and mom jeans the next step?

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  1. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Keeping a well stocked pantry, candy dish, and supply closet does NOT have to equal a 1-way ticket to the land of the mini-van! Resist.

  2. lalaland13 says:

    “You’re going to want to get a short haircut and a minivan. Resist that urge.”

    30 Rock, anyone?

    My dad loves Sam’s Club, so whenever he visits, we end up in there. The one here has frozen Cheesecake Factory, so that was kind of nice. But I really don’t fit their demographic-I live alone. With two cats.

  3. funnyface says:

    Um, I got a Sam’s Club membership as a wedding present, back when we were living, just the two of us, in a ONE ROOM HOUSE. No minivan at all. Now, I have a Costco membership and I love it. It keeps us in salmon and tilapia and in dried chicken jerky for the pups. Not to mention, here, Costco sells LIQUOR!

  4. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! Welcome to our side :) The next step is to join two at once! (We have costco and Bj’s memberships!) Its good though, it makes your life happier and now you and hubby can go there together on sample days and its like a lame little date :)

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