I'm Insane.

I came home to a dozen Christmas cards (I feel guilty for not sending any), and present from my neighbor (I didn’t buy/make her anything yet), and a week’s worth of newspapers thrown in my bushes (I didn’t send the paperguy a tip). I didn’t really get into the holidays this year, at least by my usual insane cookie-making-house-decorating-present-buying-matching-shiny-wrapping-paper-and-designer-bows standards. I’ve just been so distracted by baby stuff Christmas felt more like a hassle than a holiday, something I had to get through before 2009 finally got here.

Today I got around to reading all my mail, including my much loved Hanna Andersson catalogue, and went a little crazy. Do you think it would be totally inappropriate to buy these outfits for next Christmas ? I could probably bribe E into the shirt with alcohol and/or uninterrupted video game hours, baby E won’t care what he wears and I could probably squeeze into the skirt with a couple pairs of Spanx. What I really need to know is if matching family outfits makes me some sort of psychopathic Martha Stewart brainless Stepford wife clone, or if the cuteness of having baby’s first Christmas picture in coordinating tartan (at 50% off!!) outweighs the craziness. I mean, it’s not like I’m planning to buy the tiny little girl outfit, just in case we have one of those in a couple years. That would be totally nuts. So I won’t do that. Really. Well, probably.

I really miss being a normal person.

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    It wouldn’t be too insane. Buying coordinating outfits for the dogs and cats, though, might be. So go for it. But avoid outfits for any hypothetical future girl-children.

  2. stacyinbean says:

    Ok, can I just say, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, they make tights with BUILT IN BUTT RUFFLES!!!!!

    Also, buy mini E the overalls, they are adorbs. The rest is up to your insane pregnant brain!

  3. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Now Lala, the fur babies are part of the family too!

  4. FF says:

    You’re not insane. We had no Christmas stockings this year. I found some half off after Christmas. I bought four. I said that they were for the pups, but really, they’re for my hypothetical children.

    Though I must say good luck getting E into the matching shirt.

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