I'm feeling generous

Today, I am officially pardoning all the belly-touchers. I know my bump is totally adorable and very hard to resist. I spend 99% of my time rubbing it, poking it, or resting a hand on it myself, and seeing me do it makes it hard to remember it’s not public domain. At this point, there is a full sized baby in there, so sure, you can feel my belly.

I’ve been really lucky to avoid most unwanted attention up until now. Not working means I only see people on the days I’m prepared to leave the house. The winter weather has meant baggy sweatshirts, big coats and long scarves. Combined with the typical stilted, up tight New Englander attitude almost no one has been rude enough to put their hands on me. The first time I was surrounded by hands-on type people was my baby shower…and I found I didn’t really mind so much. This huge alien tumor baby belly barely feels like my own body at this point so my personal space needs are pretty much gone. So go ahead, poke me. Baby E will poke you right back.

DISCLAIMER: This applies only to me. Don’t you dare touch anyone else, especially the less-pregnant. It took 38 weeks for my belly to be all baby – if you poke someone who’s still got 4 months to go they have every right to bite your hand off. Literally.

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