One of the things I like best about my iPhone (OH DIDN’T YOU KNOW? I GOT AN IPHONE. MAYBE I FORGOT TO MENTION IT.) is the camera/video recorder. I loving being able to take a photo and upload it to Twitter or Facebook without having to mess with the cord and the laptop and resizing. I think Mormor (Grandma in Swedish) also likes that feature, especially when it means she gets to see a picture of Baby Evan standing for the first time only two minutes after it happened. I’m gonna get his first steps on tape any day now, so expect some shaky, joyful scream filling footage sometime next week.

(Isn’t technology awesome? Think about how far we’ve come since we were kids, what with the film and the developing and postage stamps? I bet by the time Baby Evan has his own Baby Baby Evan he’ll just think “Hey Mom should see this” and whatever he’s looking at with be automatically transmitted directly into my brain. Um, actually that’s kind of creepy. Never mind. Let’s just stick with iPhones.)

ANYWAYS, one of the apps I have is Hipstamatic. I’ve had tons of fun with it this week. Here’s what it does:

Oooo Vintagey!

They baby chews the toy, I chew the baby.

Yo, sup yo? I'm chillaxin'.

Two wild and crazy guys!


As if the sweatsuit wasn't already enough like 1970.

One more day, and I still haven't eaten the baby. Can I have a cookie?

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  1. Lisa says:

    Sooooo cute! You should dig out baby pictures of you and E and use this technique to recreate them with Evan. Pose him with classic toys and have people guess which pics are you two and which are Evan.

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