Happy Father's Day

Dear E,
Although your first Father’s Day is going to be celebrated entirely by 1)playing Rock Band 2)cleaning up glass after the wind knocked over a vase and I stared at the mess yelling I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS and 3)eating pizza I ordered online because I am too lazy to walk over to the telephone, I hope it’s a good one! If that’s not exciting enough, you can look forward to years of glitter macaroni necklaces, construction paper cards and misplaced tools from poorly constructed bird houses.  You’re a great dad to the greatest little boy in the whole world. Thanks for knocking me up.
1 Day OldDay One of Fatherhood
Day 77 of Fatherhood

And many many more to come

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  1. PilgrimSoul says:

    Indeed, thanks be to E! How else could I vicariously experience motherhood through the internet.

    That baby is a fucking baby supermodel, I can’t believe how cute he is. Were I not opposed to the commercialization and subsequent devaluation of human beings known as the entertainment industry, I’d tell you he should be the new Gerber baby, ladyfriend.

  2. ladysoprano says:

    Little E is adorable! I love that Day 77 picture–he’s got that knowing look on his face, like, “Daddy’s gonna play Rock Band with me!”

  3. SarahMC says:

    That second picture is painfully cute!

  4. SarahMC says:

    Not that the first one isn’t, of course…

  5. sarrible says:


  6. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Your last line cracks me up, beats anything from Hallmark!

  7. That second picture melted my heart. Your baby is adorable. You should take this as a compliment, since it comes from someone that very much dislikes babies.

  8. J.D.Regent says:

    Everybody’s on to something with this baby model business. I tried to get my best friend who is a stay at home mom married to a farm hand (vegetable farm) (aka they are flat-dead broke but gorgeous), and I was always onto her about the baby modeling thing. At first she was all, no I’m not whoring my baby out and then round comes her second pregnancy and she is like, so do you have any contacts in New York? I’m serious, get some ads on your blog, let your baby’s face sell some cans of soup, etc. It’s not child labor until they can walk! Connecticut’s not that far from New York!

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