Four weeks old

Happy Birthday Baby Evan! Today you are four weeks old and we can start saying “He’s one month” instead of counting days and hours and minutes. Although E pointed out that the 5th is actually your birthday, if we’re counting the way grown-ups count. But since you’re just an itty-bitty, we’ll stick with counting Sundays for a little while longer.

I’m starting to get the hang of this infant-care thing. I haven’t gotten peed on during a diaper change in two weeks. I can have Baby Evan in and out of a clean onesie before he even realizes I’m doing it. I can hear the spit-up coming before it reaches terminal velocity and aim him at the floor or the sink in time to avoid ruining another shirt. This morning I actually got Evan quiet and in his co-sleeper in our room long enough to fall asleep myself. I’m unreasonably proud of those two hours, since I have this image in my head of sleeping on the couch with a 3-year-old because I failed to teach the baby to sleep alone. Although right now I don’t mind the cuddly sleeping. There is nothing sweeter than a totally relaxed baby making sleepy noises into my neck.

On Friday morning we went to the commissioning ceremony for our friend Sam. Taking the baby to the store is totally different than taking the baby to a specific place at a specific time. You may be surprised to learn that babies can’t even tell time! So understandably I was worried about attending a formal military event with a 4-week old. It actually went very well – no crying, no throwing up on any uniforms, no peeing on commanding officers. It helped that several other people had babies or toddlers. The little noises Evan made seemed totally harmless in comparison to the 2 and 3 year olds. BTW, not looking forward to that age. It turns out that even though I have a child, I don’t like children in general any more than I did before. “Dislike” is probably too strong a word, but “no desire to hold/play with/talk to them” is pretty accurate.

Things I bought:
1. Medela nursing sleep bra – all my super huge, supportive, flap-style nursing bras were getting on my nerves. This is just a super stretchy sports bra you pop a boob out of. I love it.
2. Re-usable cotton nursing pads – My nipples have FINALLY stopped itching. The disposable kind was driving me crazy.
3. Stretchy cotton pants and t-shirts for the baby
4. Giant sized bottle of Dreft baby laundry detergent

And finally:
5. Non-maternity jeans for me (only 1 size bigger than my pre-baby jeans). I would be more excited, except that as soon as I got them home the button popped off. Although I keep telling myself that was totally a manufacturer’s defect. I’m going to exchange them.

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    Happy 28 days, Lowercase! And to your mommy and daddy-thank you for the lovely birth announcement. I got it yesterday and am touched. It was very nom-able.

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