For the record

For the record, these are the things that did NOT help start my labor:
1. Vigorous marital activities
2. Jumping up and down
3. Squatting
4. Yelling at my stomach
5. Writing “GET OUT” on my belly
6. Rubbing the pressure points in my ankles and my hands
7. Pinching my nipples
8. Red raspberry leaf tea
9. Wishing really, really hard
10. A midnight trip to the L&D ward

And these things may have helped
1. Walking
2. Walking
3. Walking
4. Hot sauce
5. A warm, relaxing bath

If you’re smarter than me, you’d actually start with the walking at about 37 weeks instead of ON your due date. Use the opportunity to buy cute baby clothes, including about a hundred of those little sleep gowns you don’t have to take off to change the baby’s diaper. Those are the BEST.

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