My pediatrician had said we could start solid foods around 4 months, but my hippie breastfeeding books said 6 months was closer to the right age. My lactation consultant said whatevs, but the three most important things before you tried solid food were a) the ability to sit up b) loss of the tongue thrust reflex that automatically shoves stuff out of their mouths and c) baby’s interest  in what we’re eating. If “interest in what we’re eating” means “tries to grab your beer out of your hand”, then this baby is TOTALLY ready.

In my quest to become everything I used to make fun of, I’ve decided to make my own baby food. For the most part. For now I’m just going to give Baby Evan baby-sized amounts of adult food. We started with oatmeal (regular quick oats ground up in the food processor, heated with a little water and mixed with 2 oz breastmilk) but it was not well received. I don’t think any of it actually ended up in his stomach but he has a great time making a mess.

Do I have something on my face?

Do I have something on my face?

Baby: This is food? Dog: FOOOOOOOOD!

Baby: This is food? Dog: FOOOOOOOOD!

I'm contemplating the use of eating utensils. My conclusion is they are unnecessary.

I'm contemplating the use of eating utensils. My conclusion is they are unnecessary.

Today I’m going to get one of those meshie things on a stick (Other parents are nodding in recognition. The childless readers are going A WHO ON A WHAT???) so we can try banana and avocado. If he’s still not interested in getting any of the food in his mouth I’ll just wait another month before trying again. I’ve heard the poopsplosions get much worse once baby is eating solids, and considering I’ve had to throw out FOUR onesies in the last week Baby Evan doesn’t need any help in the crapping department.

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    Ahh poopslosions! I’ll take “Reasons to get a tubal” for $400, Alex. OK, so I’m kidding. Sort of. But can you possibly keep him off solids until he’s say, potty-trained? No? OK then.

    OK, enough about my OCD/squeamishness. I love those pictures. Especially the last one. You have a Baby Scientist right here, yes ma’am.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Instant dog and baby bonding in the works, keep us posted!

  3. Brigid Keely says:

    Wow, he is REALLY turning into a cutie.

    I fed Nick pureed mangos and they came back out about fifteen minutes later.

    Solid foods! An adventure!

  4. moonfilament says:

    Some unasked for advice: no bananas in the meshy things! Bananas secretly have little strings that get caught in the mesh and turn black. It’s disgusting, and impossible to clean…

  5. bebehblog says:

    Moonfilament – THIS IS WHY I HAVE A BLOG, so people who know more than me can give exactly this kind of advice. THANK YOU!

  6. My own 8 mo loves his meshie holder filled with a big hunk of watermelon. He loves the juice and the cold is good for his gums too (teething yay). Stick to higher water content food IMO in the mesh bag. Avacado you can mash enough to feed by adding a little moisture to thin it out. Good luck!

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