Diaper Bag Show-and-Tell

I’ve seen this meme floating around the interwebs for almost as long as I’ve been reading blogs, but this week I’m going to hop on the bandwagon and join Audrey‘s hop. I’m doing it for several reasons including a) the kids are being really good and no one wants to read a bazillion posts about angelic, adorable, well-behaved children b) I’ve rededicated myself to CLEANING ALL THE THINGS on a regular basis so I have less time to write my usual deep, meaningful posts (bahahaha) and c) I like reading what people ACTUALLY keep in the handbags as opposed to posts with titles like “15 Things A Good Mother Is Never Without In Case Of Bear Attacks” or “The 7 Things In Your Diaper Bag That Might Kill You”. I could totally picture both of those headlines on Babble, amiright? But today, you just get “Junk That Suzanne Hauls Around For No Reason”.

This is the bag I’ve been carrying for a few months now. It’s a Gussy, which I fully admit I bought because I wanted to check that box off in Mommy Blogger Bingo (other boxes: headband/DSLR/Epiphanie camera bag/Lisa Leonard jewelry/rosettes/Toms shoes) but it’s actually a REALLY great bag. It holds a ton of stuff (see below), it stays on my shoulder, I can fit my camera in it, and things rarely fall out – which was a HUGE problem with my last bag. Oh God, I re-read that post and my palms are all sweaty just remembering my panic.

And here’s what’s inside the bag:

I sorted it into categories! In a vague columns left-to-right manner I present to you…

Caroline’s fox hat
Evan’s dinosaur hat
My glasses
Backup sunglasses (my real ones were on my head when I took this pic)
Two and a half pairs of soft-soled baby shoes
Caroline’s sun hat
Caroline’s socks
Baby Legs
Flower headband
Workout headband for me
Two pairs toddler underpants
Extra pants for Caroline
Evan’s striped sweatshirt he took off during gymnastics


Amber teething necklace
Yarn cutter
Lens cap for my 50mm
Lip gloss/sunscreen
Gussy business cards (for when people ask about the bag)
Reusable coffee cup coozie from Emily

Baby Essentials:
Diaper clutch from Erika
Wipes case

Helicopter from the train table
Ladybug we stole from someone
Vibrating grape teether (both kids LOVE this when their gums hurt)

I’m surprised there wasn’t more.

Reusable snack bag of Wheat Thins
Snack trap with carrots
String cheese
Four granola bars
Emergency bribery Hershey’s kisses
(The kids had just taken their sippy cups out, or those would be in there too)

And THAT is just what I packed for the 12 minutes round-trip drive to a 45 minute gymnastics class. You should see the bag on Stroller Strides days or trips to the Seaport. It’s amazing I’m not permanently lopsided (although there’s still plenty of time for that to happen).

You totally think I’m a crazy person now, don’t you? OK, what’s in YOUR bag?

p.s. I had to put the kit lens on my camera to take that picture of all the stuff AND I stood on the counter and held the camera up as high as I could. If I wasn’t a total moron I would have taken my shoes off, but ALAS.

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12 Responses to “Diaper Bag Show-and-Tell”

  1. Erin says:

    That’s Reid’s lady bug. I think I brought it out for Evan when we went on that fantastic trip to the grocery store. remember that one? Wasn’t that fun?! Hold on to that one for me. My mom bought him that and asked where it was. I had no idea. I’m so glad I read your blog tonight instead of the homework I’m supposed to be doing :)

  2. raincheckmom says:

    Reminds me of the scene in “Mary Poppins” where she pulls everything out of her carpet bag…including a lamp….

  3. Audrey says:

    Hah! I totally just saw someone make that style bag in the Covert Robin swap! It’s very cute, I think I like your fabrics/colors better. I am filled with bag envy. Also I must be the meanest mom ever, there are no toys in my bag.

  4. LOVE your bag! I don’t have any kids (hence no diaper bag) but OMG is my purse always full of all sorts of random stuff. I just peeked in and, among other stuff, there’s a bra, SPF 100 sunscreen, & about 8 pens!

  5. Betsy says:

    LOL. Love the “Mary Poppins” comment from raincheckmom. I was kind of thinking the same thing, but whoo! You’ll be ready for any zombie baby apocalypse now! :^) As a side note, I don’t comment much on the blogs I read, but I wanted to say that I always enjoy reading yours. It’s fun, but real. It’s serious, but not negative. It’s cheerful and creative, but doesn’t make me feel inadequate. I always come away from reading your blog with a smile on my face, or something to ponder. Makes me wish I was your neighbor (in a non-stalkery way. LOL). You should feel very proud of yourself and your lovely family!

    • bebehblog says:

      Raincheckmom is my real-life mom – she’s hilarious. And thank you so, so much for your incredibly kind comment. I wish you were my neighbor too!

  6. Emily says:

    I love the emergency bribery Hershey Kisses! LOL!

  7. Katrine says:

    Very impressive. I think you get extra points for the yarn cutter! I always seem to have toothbrushes from the dentist and matchbox cars in my purse.

  8. Amanda says:

    Zoey has been a monster lately from teething so after reading this I immediately ran out and bought the vibrating (hehehe) teether. She thinks it absolutely hilarious. The minute she puts it in her mouth she starts laughing hysterically. On another note my bag is just as horribly stuffed with everything!

  9. Denae says:

    I love the two and a half pairs of shoes. My bag is currently a nightmare of junk I never use and 5 items I use ALL THE TIME (not including keys, phone, etc).

  10. Amanda says:

    I feel like such an unprepared mother. I do have a giant bag with more stuff, but my small day-to-day bag contains one diaper, one clean pair of pants, crackers, and a water bottle, and that’s it. My little one is 17 months, and I’m enjoying the fact that most of her needs can be fulfilled by those items, or by something I can easily get when we’re out. I’m sure I’m asking for some horrible emergency to befall us by being so unprepared.

    • Amanda says:

      … and to make things worse, most of the time I don’t even take it with me when we go into a store. I usually shove the water bottle in my pocket and leave everything else in the car, since that’s the only thing she’s likely to get really mad if I don’t have.

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